Are you a blogger or writer with your own fan base of readers? If you are, high five! We should have a chat. You see, here at Granite Fitness, we believe in giving back to the community, cooperating with other like-minded individuals, and growing our fanbase community together.

In fact, one of the reasons why Granite Fitness Blog has established ourselves as one of the most trusted “amateur” health and fitness blog in the online world is because of our guest posts and links with other industry professionals as well as amateur fitness hobbyists like us. Did you just read amateur fitness hobbyists? Yes you did! But more on that later.

Back to the topic, even non-professionals like us know that the benefits of guest blogging include: positioning yourself as a writer in the industry, increasing referral traffic, increasing backlinks to your blog, enhancing your SEO, and most importantly – building relationships with like-minded people! So, if you are someone who writes original content, we want to work with you! Before you decide whether we are a good fit, here is an introduction to the blog, and a little about us.

The Granite Fitness Blog is operated by two guys – Mark and Atanas. Our focus, no surprises here, is primarily our pet topic – fitness, but we also place secondary emphases on nutrition and weight management psychology. These three elements form the core of our philosophy. From time to time, at the request of our fan base, we also post about other health or mindset issues.

Our fanbase is primarily made up of women between their 20’s and 50’s living in western countries, although we do have a very mixed demographic. Since we are continuously having collaborations with others in our industry, our fanbase is gradually increasing. As mentioned before, we are a two-man operation – Mark and Atanas .

Mark, who is the head writer of this blog, became a fitness enthusiast after losing heaps of weight a decade ago. He is the author of four health-related books that have helped many people on their weight loss journey (read the next paragraph for more). In real life, Mark spends his days in a meaningful job as the Human Resources Manager of a disability support provider. He is based in Perth, Australia.

Atanas is the marketing director and affiliate manager of the Granite Fitness Masterclass, which is the digital package comprising of the four books mentioned above and a video series. He also plays a key role in managing and communicating with our guest bloggers. As a descendent of the mighty Aromans, he boasts incredible strength and has an interest in powerlifting. He is also a family man and expert digital freelancer, and is based in Skopje, Macedonia.

Noticed something yet? Yes, neither of us are full-time fitness trainers or professionals. That was what we meant by “amateur fitness hobbyists”. Does that mean that we don’t know anything? No, because our posts are adequately researched original content. We like to keep it this way because, it means that we can be more ethical and objective while writing due to the lack of competing interests.

So how would we like to cooperate? If you are a blogger or writer, the most obvious way is by guest blogging or posting. This means that we will post some of your articles on our site, obviously with a handwritten introduction about you and a link to the original page on your site. Of course, we would like you do the same for us on your blog, out of professional courtesy. If you do not have a blog, then perhaps you can promote us on Twitter or your other social media profiles. You-win, we win, and our fanbases benefit!

Like what you read so far? Think we can cooperate? Have any more questions? Well, please feel free to contact us on the form below and let’s get cracking, partner!

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