The Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits of Surfing

Do you surf? I have to be straight-up honest and say that I don’t – not that I have anything against it, not at all. It’s just that I never got the chance and well, never had the interest. That being said, our special guest post writer today – Luke Douglas from has done so and absolutely loves it. Here is his guest post article. Enjoy!

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Even if surfing didn’t have any particular benefits for your physical well-being, the simple fact that it’s an amazing adrenaline-filled pastime activity is enough to enjoy it on a regular basis. The feeling of fresh air against your face, the splashing of the waves you hear as you take your board to meet the rising water, and the sense of freedom and pure joy that washes over you as you ride the waves – priceless.

Surfing can be a great way to safeguard your emotional and psychological well-being, but where this unique activity truly shines is in its amazing benefits for your overall physical health. Here are the top five aerobic and anaerobic benefits of surfing.

Effective fat loss

First and foremost, surfing is a great way to maintain a lean physique. Because this type of exercise requires cardiovascular engagement, endurance and balance over prolonged periods and even short explosive intervals, it acts as a hybrid between HIIT cardio and steady-state cardio training.

When you ride the waves, swim on your board, and run towards the water, you are elevating your heart rate and boosting your metabolic process, thus burning fat more effectively. Keep this up, and you will have no problem banishing unwanted fat stores and sculpting a lean body.

Builds total-body strength

If you were under the impression that surfing doesn’t fire up your central nervous system in order to use raw strength to keep you from falling into the water, you would be wrong. In fact, while it is true that you shouldn’t fight the waves but rather ride them smoothly, you need to muster up the strength to keep yourself upright and your lower body performing properly under immense pressure.

Not only is surfing a great way to develop your lower body strength, but if you start incorporating tricks into your routine, you will be exercising your upper body as well. Soon enough, your CNS will start adapting and you will become stronger and sturdier than ever before.

Increases cardiovascular endurance

One of the main benefits of surfing comes in the form of improved cardiovascular endurance. Can you even imagine the amount of breathing power and endurance needed to persevere under the threat of crashing waves and merciless currents?

All of that excessive swimming, running, and wave-riding opens up your airways, clears up your lungs, and allows you to endure more stress with each practice session. However, sometimes the stress can be overwhelming, so it’s important to exercise personal safety in order to reach your goals.

With surfing, safety should be your number one priority, so make sure you find a trusty surf shop online where you can get the necessary equipment to enjoy your surf adventures without the fear of injury, or worse. It can be all too easy to lose yourself in the benefits and forget about the potential hazards, which is why proper clothing, quality boards, and accessories are essential.

Sculpting a muscular physique

Size usually follows strength when it comes to exercise, and surfing is no different. If there is anything that builds muscle effectively, it’s time under tension. Surfing is one of the best sports if you’re looking to moderately increase lean muscle mass, especially in your lower body, because the time under tension is not only strong, but constant.

This builds functional muscle over time, allowing you to become stronger in the process. Endurance is also complementary to strength and size, as more cardiovascular activity is needed to maintain a sculpted physique upright during vigorous exercise.

Improves coordination and balance

Finally, it’s important to observe another crucial benefit of surfing – total-body coordination and balance. If riding the restless waves is good for anything, it’s improving your motor skills and training you to stay on your feet through the toughest of trials. In turn, this benefit will translate into your everyday life, helping you stay healthy and avoid injuries.

Surfing is not just a fun pastime activity, it’s also a vigorous exercise routine for many, and the only way of life for some individuals. With these benefits in mind, grab yourself a surfboard, and head out towards the adventure of a lifetime that will also get you ripped.

Not bad eh? Does that make you want to pick up surfing? Once again, Luke is a fitness and health blogger at and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through useful and informative articles. You can check out his profile on Facebook and Twitter.

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