Anger Management Seminars And Classes

Anger is a very real issue regardless of generation, race, community, or any other sociodemographic group. It is no secret that anger is bad for the person with these issues as takes a toll on their physical and mental health. But more importantly, it is frightening and affects those around such a person. In families, fathers, mothers, and even children can disrupt the entire household due to uncontrollable fits of rage.

Unfortunately, many people with anger issues either do not know they have an issue, or try their best to ignore them. Both are bad, because denying the problem or refusing to deal with the anger does not solve anything. In fact, if one ignores the anger problem for too long, it can eventually become violent and even deadly. Why not just nip it in the bud?

It is definitely better to accept that there’s a problem and set out to find the solution. The hard part is finding “the” solution as opposed to “a” solution, since different approaches work for different people. For some, the only way is counselling or psychiatry. After all, anger is simply a secondary emotion reflecting some hurt or pain. For others, it might be classes or seminars.


Let’s touch on seminars first. Did you know that there are different types of anger management seminars for specific groups such as teenagers, adults, men, women, couples, or even entire families? Yes, it is true. And this is a good thing also. However, seminars might be quite shallow. They are, after all, meant to be informational, empowering individuals with useful knowledge regarding dealing with anger and aggressiveness.

Most seminars are packed with guest speakers and specialists in the area of anger management, who give presentations with interesting details and effective tools that people can take home and use to transform their feelings of anger into healthy, normal feelings. More often than not, the setting is somewhere that is natural, calm and serene. Think of it as a retreat.

Another benefit to seminars is the ability to meet other people and talk about the issues. It is pretty much a support group. Sharing personal experiences may help people to own up to their problem and perhaps discover underlying reasons for their anger. Another benefit is the fact that these seminars can encourage people through their treatment journey.

What about classes? These are actually not too different from seminars, but are more structured, and are usually overseen by a professional in the field of anger management. With more time, commitment and support, they provide an opportunity for people to learn techniques and strategies for controlling their anger.

While each class is different, the overseer might teach participants exercises such as deep breathing, meditation and other means of relaxation. Of course, if it is coupled with counselling, it would be especially effective. So in a way, anger management classes are like a longer seminar and has ongoing support.

There is, of course, a stigma with such classes. Those who are new to anger management may feel intimidated by the thought of a class setting. This is a shame, as the reality is a complete 180, i.e. classes should be relaxing and informal without any feelings of embarrassment or intimidation. They are meant to help people work through their behavioural issues.

So where can one enrol for such classes? For a start, a government supported social program in the area would be a great resource. Otherwise, the next best resource is… you guessed it…. The internet. Online searches will reveal some options for you. There is absolutely no need for anybody to struggle with uncontrollable feelings of anger and misplaced emotions. There is plenty of help out there for those who are willing to ask for it. Check out the resources below too….


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