Become Mentally Strong With These Eight Tips

Do you lead a stressful lifestyle? If you are a normal person living in a western society, there will be some points of time when you will feel stressed. For some people, stress can be a roadblock that causes unhappiness and can negatively influence productivity and limit success in one’s chosen career path. There are, however, a few things that people can do to ensure that stress does not take over their life. Here are a few of them.

One: Prioritise Your Tasks

This one seems to be the most basic, but sadly it is also the most neglected one. Everyone has a certain set of things they have to accomplish, but everyone also has a finite amount of time to do that. Prioritising is an extremely important skill because if you put off something that is crucial, the consequences will inevitably be worse.

Two: Identify The Source Of Your Stress

This one might be hard for some, but easy for others. You need to know where your stress comes from. The more specific you are able to pinpoint it, the better. If you can identify the things that will cause you stress, and you can identify the triggers, you will be in a much better position to intervene early and adjust your activities, so that it does not result in a full blown stress attack, metaphorically speaking.

Three: Know What You Can Control, And Control It

In any given situation, there are some factors beyond your control, but there are also some factors well within your control. This is a fact. So in order to develop your mental strength, focus on what you can control and do it well. At the same time, prepare for what may happen with the things that are genuinely beyond your control.

Four: Think About The Long-Term Consequences

This is one of my favourite ones because it works well for me. When you take a step back and look at the big picture, the question you should have is whether there are long-term consequences to this specific action. It is human nature to think about the worst case scenario in every given situation. But the fact is that if you can look back at it in five years’ time and not be upset, then the problem is not that huge.


Five: Self-Talk And Assurance

This is a feature of positive people in general, and certainly of mentally strong people. It also comes hand in hand with the point of putting things in perspective. If you tell yourself that you have gone through more dreadful situations and obviously lived to tell the tale, the problem at hand will not be that daunting, will it?

Six: Cope With It In Positive Ways

So we know that when we are stressed, we get upset and frustrated. The next most important decision is how you intend to deal with it. The answer to this has major ramifications. If you have found an outlet that is healthy and works for you, then you have solved this issue. Some healthy outlets to vent all these pent up frustrations include exercise, sleep, walking and meditation. Try one today if you haven’t considered them yet.

Seven: Surround Yourself With Positivity

This is also one that is often overlooked. Someone once said that you are the combination of the five people you spend most of your time with. While this might not be the complete truth, it probably isn’t far from it either. Like it or not, humans are social creatures, and your social support network will influence your mindset. So befriend some optimists instead of being with the negative gossip group!

Eight: They spend time with positive people

“Social support is an important part of combating stress, and mentally strong people seek out positive people,” Morin says. If you’re surrounded with pessimists, chances are they will infringe on your outlook. The same can be said, however, for optimists.

So how did you find these tips? Some of them are found in the Winning Psychology Manual, even though that is targeted specifically at the aim of weight loss. Remember – stress is inevitable, so make sure you don’t get enslaved by it. Don’t forget to have fun. And all the best with that.


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