Binge Eating And Isolation

Most of us know what binge-eating is, and this is an affliction that only some of us have to endure. This eating disorder is highly psychological in nature, and of course we all know that it can be damaging. Today’s expert on the topic is Kristin Gerstley, whose representative has kindly offered us this article.

“If you have Binge Eating Disorder, you understand the feelings of loneliness.  You know what it is like to live in a secret world that no one knows about.  You have a big secret, but no one is allowed to see that side of you.

At restaurants with friends, you order just the right amount of food and can’t finish it all because you are so full.  Little do your friends know that you had already eaten enough food for three people just two hours before meeting them for another dinner.

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You talk to your friends about why you are overweight.  You don’t know why, you say.  They are just as stumped as you are.  They see what you eat and it is small portions.  Not even unhealthy foods most of the time.

But what they don’t know is that you have Binge Eating Disorder.  You have something that is constantly looming over your head.  Food.  Food is a dream and a nightmare mixed into one.  Food makes you feel better and then makes you feel worthless the very next minute.

You don’t want to let your friends into your secret world though.  This is your world and they will not understand.  They may just tell you to stop eating so much.  They won’t understand.

But, if they are your friends, they will understand.  You cannot let any self-limiting beliefs stand in your way anymore.  Your friends love you and will stand by your side when asked for help.  You mean everything to them.

The first step that you can take is to tell someone that you trust.  Stop dealing with this big problem on your own.  Ask a friend to just listen to you when you need them.  Often talking about problems and just getting things off of your chest will make you feel so much better. 

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Plus, if you are hanging out with someone and talking about it, you are less likely to turn to food.  It isn’t as available and you are not alone.  You are forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and that is okay. 

Get help and find a trusted confidant.  Expose your secret world to them little by little, or by however feels right to you.  Listen to yourself and let that be the judge.  Once they know where you are coming from, they will be able to help you to where you hope to go in the future. 

Don’t let binge eating disorder get the best of you; seek a friend to talk to and watch you start to feel better about yourself and your situation.”

Thanks Kristin – it is much appreciated. Now let’s get back to what we’re good at. Have a look at these Paleo guides:


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