Dealing With Back Pain And Associated Issues

Are you a sufferer of back pain? If you ask me this question, I have to honestly say that my extent of suffering is only occasional and not severe at all. Notwithstanding this, I do empathise with the many people I know who do suffer from back pain. As such, I managed to find some freely available articles on this, and have obtained permission to include them in today’s blog post – enjoy!

“The National Institute of Health has estimated that 4 out of 5 Americans suffer from back pain at some time or the other in their lives. Back pain afflicts a person suddenly and without giving any prior symptoms. When affected, one must use their body’s own healing ability to combat the pain, instead of preferring medicines, and strengthen their body through back exercises.

Back exercise stretches the lower back muscles to help bring relief to back pain caused by over-stressed back muscles. Spine rehabilitation too is done through back exercise. People suffering from back pain are put through an exercise regimen, as exercise stretches the back and promotes better blood circulation in the area.

You will hear many people complain of back pain occasionally. About 75% to 85% of the people experience back pain at some point of time in their life. The most common area of back pain is the lumbar region of the spine. This region bears most of the body weight. Sudden twisting and bending can cause injury to the back. Back pain also occurs when the muscles get stiff because of poor posture. Back exercise stretches the stiff muscles to provide relief.

Back exercises are one of the better ways to relieve yourself from back pain and lead a healthy life. It is important to ensure that exercises are worked within a range of motion, so as not to further strain the painful back. Back exercise stretches need to be performed softly. You should treat your back gently and not subject it jerky and violent movement.

People suffering from lower back problems face various problems while working out. It is important to get into an exercise routine gradually and build muscle power. Always performing back exercises after consulting your trainer. It is also important to understand that back pain doesn’t develop overnight and hence restoration of the back will also take time.

The exercise routine that you follow should start gently, and gradually build over a period of a few weeks. You could cause more harm than good, if you do not follow expert advice in matters of back exercise.

Warm up your body before you embark on the stretching routine. Exercise stretches the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the area surrounding the back. The muscles and tendons associated with the spine are designed for movement. Hence, they need to be stretched every day to perform optimally. The hamstring muscles are an important factor in back pain problems. Most people with back pain have stiff hamstring muscles.

Stand comfortably with your feet shoulder width apart. Now slowly bend forward and try to touch your toes with your hands without bending your knees. Your action should be smooth and not jerky. Be careful not to overdo the stretching part. Stop when you feel pain. This exercise stretches your hamstring muscles. Your back pain will improve gradually, as you continue with the exercise. The exercise can also be performed while lying down.

Another one of the back exercises that gently stretches your back muscles is:

  • lie on your back with knees bent.
  • Slowly raise your left knee to your chest, while pressing your lower back firmly against the floor.
  • Remain in position for 5 seconds.
  • Relax; repeat the exercise with your right knee.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg.

In case you experience pain while doing some stretching steps, stop exercising immediately. Avoid sudden movements and jerks when performing back exercises, even though it may be hard to perform the steps in a slow and controlled motion.”

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