Do You Really Need A Fitness Monitor?

Fitbit, Garmin, and other activity trackers have been the craze over the past few years. The rationale behind this is simple – the more steps you take each day the more calories you’ll burn. And many people swear by it, which is why it still sells like hot cakes today. And if you’re one of their users, you’ll hear that 10,000 steps a day is what you should be aiming for.

How was this arbitrary figure derived? Is there any scientific basis to it? It turns out that there isn’t! This number originated from Japan as far back as the 1960s. Basically, in the name of consumerism, someone came up with a special pedometer called the 10,000 step meter. That’s it! And now all of us have taken it as gospel hook, line, and sinker. Talk about marketing!

jarmoluk / Pixabay
jarmoluk / Pixabay

That being said, there is some logic to it. Research after this product was launched has actually demonstrated that people who walk more do experience health benefit. Thank you captain obvious. Some of these benefits include a reduction in blood pressure and a reduction in blood glucose levels. I’m sure the lay person can think of many more.

Obviously, to someone who has a sedentary lifestyle, aiming for 10,000 steps a day will have health benefits. What about people who already use the gym or are physically active. It turns out that 10,000 steps can provide health benefits to pretty much anyone. So before we knock it, understand the rationale behind it.

It can be argued that one can focus on their diet and skip high-calorie foods instead. While that may be true, recent studies have shown that extra movements bring about health benefits in a way that calorie reduction cannot. This includes low-impact activities that do not strain muscles or joints. So keep this in mind the next time you do a self-audit.

RichardLey / Pixabay
RichardLey / Pixabay

So what we are saying is that brisk walking or even strolling can bring about plenty of health benefits. Low intensity cardio has been shown to be associated with better circulation as well as help in other areas of exercise such as contributing to a faster recovery period. So yes, while having a number to aim for can help some people, it does not need to be the case.

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