Don’t Judge Other Women For Doing These

As usual, after a series of serious blog posts, I decided to throw a left-field one in there. Today’s article is about women judging other women for certain choices and behaviours. These judgments are commonplace, but really shouldn’t be, because there are good reasons for them. Here goes:

One – Not breaking up with a particular man

Okay, this comes with the presupposition that I’m talking about straight-identifying women here. Women really shouldn’t judge other women for not leaving a particular man, because they won’t know the exact circumstance. It really is “50 shades of grey” here! However, while you shouldn’t judge, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t intervene if that man is constantly hurting her physically or emotionally. Your duty of care overrides it. But just remember that apart from such a scenario, it really isn’t your place to judge. Maybe it’s true that the man in question is not as qualified, highly educated, or successful as her, but as long as he is meeting her needs, you should respect that.

Two – Forgetting to respond

In the sphere of masculinity there is that sexist phrase “bros before hoes”. In female relations there would probably be that set of ethics too. You might think that honouring one’s commitments is easy, but not everyone thinks the same way. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and a particular friend might flake out on your plans. If life gets overwhelming, cut her some slack rather than assume she’s a snob. If it appears to be a trait that annoys you to no end, then just cut her out of your life. Simple, isn’t it?

Three – Eating habits

So you have your set of eating habits, and she has hers. That should be the end of story. You have your aims and she also has hers. Maybe she is happy being the size that she is. Who are you to judge? However, if she is unhappy with her size but is actively making poor eating choices, it’s not your role to criticise. You might think she is lazy, but remember that her experience differs from yours. Be a good role model and be encouraging by all means, but don’t openly judge or criticise aight?

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Four – Drinking too much and making a mockery of herself

Well, if you have only seen this happen to a particular woman once, it wouldn’t be fair to assume that it is part of her lifestyle. After all, most of us in the western world, men and women alike, have experienced this at some point. Even if it is her lifestyle choice, who cares? The consequences are hers to bear. If it does affect you directly, then okay maybe you should intervene.

Five – Bridezilla alert!

So the bridezilla effect is well-known in this day and age. Naturally some women will become more of one than others. If you haven’t been married before, you shouldn’t judge. If you have married, you could also show some understanding. To a bridezilla, this will be her one and only wedding, so she has every right to make it as perfect as possible. Of course we do know that divorce rates are rather high, but it would be mean for you to even mention that to the Bridezilla.

Six – Getting married too early.

In this modern day western world, there are some automatic assumptions that we hold on to-one of which is that a couple must take time to get to know one another before being married. However, that’s not the only workable system. If it was, how would you explain the high divorce rates? So instead of thinking that she rushed into it, quit judging and instead send her your best regards.

I hope you enjoyed this short list, which is a break from the monotony of our health related blog posts. By the way, I acquired this information from other lists, so don’t look to me as a women’s psychology-guru. I’m not even a woman so I can’t be a professional on women’s issues aight.

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