Eight Things You Can Do To Look And Act Younger Than Your Biological Age

Immortality is the ultimate goal for some people, isn’t it? Although that might realistically be elusive, there are ways to look and feel younger than your real age. Today’s blog post is for the seniors among our readers, although it can be applied to anyone since they are generally good tips anyway. Enjoy these eight tips.

One: Curry!

This might sound like a strange one, but what’s new? Recent research has shown that curry may play a part in boosting your mental abilities. Researchers from Singapore looked at the diet of over 1000 Indian villagers and found that those who had curry had better cognitive ability than those who did not. This is unsurprising given the properties of turmeric, which is used in most curries.

Two: Singing

Not just singing in the shower, but singing in a choir. This came from a small study out of the United States who showed that those who sang in a choir generally had better health than the general population. While there might be physiological reasons such as its impact on breathing, I can’t help but think that having company might be another contributor to this finding.

Three: Don’t Be Resentful Of Your Age

I think we all know that a lot of us react negatively to the prospect of aging, right? Well, it turns out that people who viewed aging in a more positive way tend to be healthier than those who didn’t. This is likely to be associated with having a positive outlook of life and having better coping strategies when age-related issues do arise.

Four: Shopping

Whoa, isn’t this a surprise? Although shopping might not be good for your bank balance, it is better for your health. Once again, this might not be due solely to the benefits of shopping itself. There are other reasons, such as having to exercise and be fit enough for the activity, having to mentally stimulate oneself, and social contact with other people. Overall, this isn’t a bad thing.

Farrokh_Bulsara / Pixabay
Farrokh_Bulsara / Pixabay

Five: Use The Internet

Just because you are getting on in years doesn’t, or rather shouldn’t, give you the excuse to move away from technology. In fact, keeping up with technology forces you to keep your brain active. That is why seniors who use the internet regularly have better memory, reading and visual ability than those who don’t.

Six: Don’t Retire Too Early

Perhaps you feel that you have been in the workforce for too long and want to give it up. While that is not a bad thing, long-term research has found that successful professionals have better health outcomes if they work till an older age. Unsurprisingly, this would be related to the previous point, as delayed retirement equates to prolonged brain stimulation.

Seven: Be Organised

This one might not be too surprising. People who are organised with most aspects of their lives are more likely to have better long-term outcomes. To be honest, this is not too surprising as it is said that a “messy mind” is more likely to result in a messy environment. Keep your life and space organised! You’re not trying to get into the next episode of “hoarders”, are you?

Eight: Play With Your Grandchildren

Okay, for this to work, you need to have grandchildren in the first place, or at least some kind of access to little ones. Not only does it mentally stimulate your mind, it also offers an opportunity to spread your knowledge across generations, benefitting the elderly as well as the little ones. Everyone wins!

I hope these eight tips have been useful for you. Of course, another thing you can do is keep yourself physically active. Try the Granite Fitness Solution for that. Stay healthy!



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