Eight Tips To Save Money While Travelling Alone

Today’s post is one for people who love travelling – which really is most of our readership. Although some of us are financially in a position to travel with reasonable comfort with one or two trips per year, the rest of us are struck by wanderlust and need to travel more often. Here are today’s top tips, brought to you by Travel Fitness 4 Me (International and Australia):

One: Book A Hostel

Hostels are an inexpensive option for lodging. Solo travellers can save more by booking an open bed in a dorm-style room, which may not always have more than one bed available, especially when booking close to travel dates. Hostels are also a good way to meet other people who are traveling alone. If you’re not that ghetto and prefer the creature comforts of a hotel, check out Travel Fitness 4 Me.

Two: Go For AirBnB

This comes as no surprise in today’s peer market focused world. Airbnb is another lodging option that can save significant money compared with a hotel. Full apartments can be found cheaply, and a room in a home or apartment can be rented for even less. This can work well for solo-travellers, as long as you take reasonable care for your safety. To be absolutely safe though, go for a hotel instead – Travel Fitness 4 Me.

RichardLey / Pixabay
RichardLey / Pixabay

Three: Check Out Flight Specials

Good news: going alone tends to allow a bit more flexibility when choosing travel dates. There are many apps and sites that can help you with this, such as Kayak, Expedia, Travelocity, and Priceline. So don’t rush – wait a while, if needed, to book the right flight at the right cost. Of course, you can check out flight specials at Travel Fitness 4 Me.

Four: Road Trip!

This might or might not suit your specific circumstance, but do consider it if it does. Skip the expense of trains and accommodations during good weather by renting a wagon big enough to allow for sleeping in the back. Many European countries have extensive highway services that include cheap public showers anyway.

Five: Public Transport

If you are in a group, a taxi might be a cost-efficient option. But for those who travel alone, it’s cheaper to ride public transit around town. It is also a good way to interact with locals and get a feel for a place. Check your options before embarking on your holiday.

Six: Don’t Eat At Restaurants Often

So you are miles away from home and you end up eating….. cuisine you’d normally eat at home? Come on! Scratch that and go for the delicious and authentic street food instead. If you are travelling for longer periods, consider grocery shopping for some meals instead of dining out for every meal. Or book a hotel at Travel Fitness 4 Me. that comes with meals. Problem solved!

Seven: Pack As Little As Possible

The simple logic is that airlines can be sneaky with hidden or unexpected fees for checked luggage or carry-ons, so pack light instead.  Traveling alone is an especially easy time to bring only what’s needed on a trip, because you aren’t carrying stuff for anybody else. Packing light also leaves space to bring back souvenirs for loved ones who weren’t along for the trip.

Eight: Work While You Travel

Alright, this tip is more for those long-term travellers, also known as digital nomads. They will always tell you that it’s not as easy or glamorous, but they wouldn’t trade it for the world. Another option is to travel on by Workaway, where volunteers work for a few hours a day in exchange for food and accommodations with no minimum stay. For the former, you can search for informative books on the topic at Travel Fitness 4 Me.

Alrighty, I hope this post has been useful for those of you who want to travel on a tight budget. For those who wish to keep fit while travelling for longer periods, check out the Traveller’s Fitness Bible, which is also available as part of the Travel Fitness Solution. Remember that you can always scout the best hotel deals and flight specials at Travel Fitness 4 Me (International and Australia).




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