Empower Yourself By Coming To Terms With These Hard Truths

Granite Fitness is all about empowerment. That is precisely why we have such a strong focus on psychology, and also why our Winning Psychology Manual is one of our bestsellers. While our focus is on fitness and weight loss, we genuinely want the best for you in other areas of your life as well. That is why today’s article is about psychology in general.

One of the things we have learnt to do is not to sugarcoat facts. Like it or not, an occasional, if not frequent dose of reality is actually vital in strengthening a person’s character and psychology. The messages I’m going to share might be difficult for some to accept, but it is true. To be frank, I do not often inject a dose of tough love, but today’s is really useful for you.

One: everyone puts themselves first

I should clarify that while this is a general rule, it is not to be taken without exception. We, as humans, have been programmed to take care of our interests first in most cases. One of my volunteering leaders has once even told me that ultimately we are volunteering for our own benefit. If you have come across Maslow’s hierarchy, then you probably know about this.

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Two: the world does not owe you anything

Before I even begin elaborating on this point, I can already hear you all protesting with the UN charter of human rights. But the harsh reality is that no one owes you anything. It does not even matter how awesome you are. So you can choose to feel bad and wallow in your misery about not getting what you deserve, or you can get off your high horse keister and do something about it. I suggest the latter.

Three: focus on your actions, not your thoughts

Is it good to daydream and come up creative ideas? Absolutely! Everything big that has ever existed first started off as an idea. You need that vision and foresight to begin a project. However, thought must always translate into action to be effective. That is the scale you will be judged by. If you have thoughts and ideas but never take action, what does that make you? One of those politicians that never follow up, of course. Get my point?

Four: you will never please everybody

It has been said Before that most people have a need to be liked and a need to be right, although the extent varies between individuals. As someone who falls in the former camp, I found this one a little hard to accept at first. Though I may not like it, I still must accept it as a fact, and I hope you do too. I’m not being pessimistic, just being real.

Five: your excuses limit you and the cycle sticks

What would you say if someone calls you out for not being ambitious? For done people, they would come up with a list of excuses, some of which are simply not valid. As a weight loss motivator, most of my clients start off at this point, blaming genetics, hormones, and heavy bones. The reality is that if you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way. Harsh but true.

I would like to elaborate on this point a little bit more. Imagine being a parent with two hungry children. When your child comes to you and ask for food, are you going to tell him or her that it’s too much effort to go to the kitchen? I sure hope not. That’s why whenever someone wants to lose weight, I always recommend baby steps first, to overcome the objections. That is what make the Granite Fitness Solution and Granite Fitness Masterclass so powerful and effective.

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Six: no one is so busy that they can’t do the basics

This point actually relates to the one above. You have probably heard someone say that they are too busy to get back to you. The harsh truth is that if you stop hearing from someone, they have deliberately pushed you out of their life, at least momentarily. In such a case, it would be better for you to move on and accept this.

Seven: circumstances may change, but don’t bank on it

So you haven’t found the person or job of your dreams just yet? It might not actually be waiting for you, despite what you might believe. You see, when we are unhappy about our own circumstances, it’s natural to wish for something to just come take it away. My advice is to remember the saying that “luck” happens when preparation meets opportunity.

So we have come to the end of this article. What did you think about it? It’s a bit different from the other uplifting posts on this blog, isn’t it? Well I did it for your own good. Sometimes a dose of reality is required to anchor  us back to reality. And of course, if weight loss is your battle, your best bet is the Granite Fitness Solution or the Granite Fitness Masterclass.


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