Five Benefits Of Resistance Training

Here at Granite Fitness, we always talk about a balanced approach to health and fitness. One essential component of it, apart from having a strong psychology and good nutrition, is strength training, also known as weight training or resistance training. Ideally, this should comprise half your workout time.

Resistance training involves activities that use weights, machines and even body weight to work out the muscles properly. We typically associate this kind of training with certain types of athletes who have to build up their bodies. Most people would think that when resistance training is done, their body will magically grow bigger. Actually, this is not always the case. When done correctly, resistance training can help increase the strength of the body but not its size.

Contrary to popular belief, this can be practiced by anyone. What this basically entails is building and toning the muscles to give the body a better, more defined look. Even seniors can do it too! Of course, it will need to be modified. Elders would do well with standing free-weights or the moderate-intensity seated machines.

A resistance training program will include the use of various exercise equipment and machines like resistance bands, dumbbells or barbells – all of which are available at the Granite Fitness Online Store. During the exercise, the resistance is pitted against one’s muscles. What happens over time is that the cells of the body will then adapt resulting in hypertrophy, which means the enlargement of muscles and adaptation of the nerve cells to help with muscle contraction.

Before doing any resistance training, it is best to consult first with your doctor if you have any concerns. This goes especially for people who have medical conditions or are overweight. This kind of training is not something that you can do without guidance. You have to know the proper equipment and how to use them. That is why we provide training with every resistance band purchase at Granite Fitness.

Resistance training can also be done without the use of equipment to a certain extent. This is called body weight training. Doing push-ups is one good example. You can do it just about anywhere as long as there is enough space. This time it is your own body weight that will be pitted against the muscles. Here are some of the benefits of resistance training.

One: Increase Strength

I’ll start off by being captain obvious. The main benefit is an increase of strength. This can translate into real life when it comes to things like lifting groceries. Neat, huh?

Two: Reduce Body Fat

We usually think of cardio when we think of weight loss. While that is true, resistance training does play a part too. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn when at rest. It won’t be overly significant, but every bit counts.

Three: A Precedent For More Activities

When your body is strong and you are full of energy, you will naturally have the motivation to do more things. It really is a bit of a positive feedback loop. That being said, it has to start somewhere. Hopefully you get into it and it will set you up for a more active lifestyle.


Four: Improved Heart Health

Once again, we often relate heart health with cardio, which is true by the way. However, strength training, when performed at a sufficiently high intensity can also result in a lowered heart rate and lowered blood pressure.

Five: Increase Bone Mineral Density

A bit of biology here – bones are constantly remodelling. As a person ages, there may be problems with the bone mineral density as the remodelling may not be as active anymore. This is especially a problem to post-menopausal women. Bone mineral density is usually supported by the hormones. To address the problem of not having the hormones to maintain the bone mineral density, physical activity is the next best option. Resistance training is one physical activity that can address this.

Here we go. Are there other benefits to resistance training? You betcha! They are covered in much more detail in the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint, which is part of the Granite Fitness Masterclass. You should totally get it today.

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