Five Foot Exercises For Building Strength And Flexibility

Hi everyone! You would already have realised that we have heaps of articles on leg exercises, which is important. However, have you heard about foot exercises? This is something we have only come across quite recently. However, we find it interesting and worth sharing.

Today, we have an infographic for you, which our friend Paula Casey from Walsh Brother Shoes has produced and would like us to share. After you do, please check out Walsh Brother Shoes, especially if you are based in Europe. Enjoy!

“Did you know that 9 out of 10 people experience some sort of foot problem at some point in their life? Taking the time to exercise your feet can help to build strength, develop flexibility, improve range of motion and lessen risk of injury. In this infographic, we take you through five quick exercises you can try at home to keep your feet happy and healthy.”

Wonderful, isn’t it? Don’t forget to check out Walsh Brother Shoes. In the meantime, also do check out these nutrition and fitness-related links:


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