Five Reasons To Always Wear Appropriate Workout Clothes

Hi everyone, have you been working out? I sure hope you have. It’s all well and good to follow this blog, but if you want results, you got to put in the work. And working out is part of the deal if you are physically capable of it. Anyways, today we have fitness expert, regular contributor, and dare I say fitness-wear fashionista Luke Douglas from to tell us why we should always wear appropriate workout clothes. Here goes:

How many times have you been to the gym and seen people wearing old t-shirts and shorts that are definitely not meant for exercising? Many start going to the gym with the false idea that wearing the appropriare gym clothes is simply not neccessary, and that it’s just another thing you spend money on without any reason. However, wearing the appropriate clothes while working out is of the utmost importance, for many reasons. Not only do they look good on you, they can also boost your confidence and improve your performance. Here are the five most important reasons for getting yourself new gym clothes:

One: Comfort before anything else

One of the most important things that you should have while working out is comfort – how are you going to train if you feel uncomfortable? The appropriate gym clothes are designed for this sole purpose – providing you maximum comfort while breaking a sweat. Moreover, most gym clothes nowadays are made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials, which prevent the sweat showing up as patches under your arms, and they don’t stick to your body. The fact that you won’t be feeling sticky and sweaty while working out will surely make your gym sessions more comfortable. Another crucial thing as far as comfortable gym clothes are concerned are shoes. This is the most important part of your gym attire, and make sure to choose ones that fit perfectly on your feet.

Two: Confidence boosters

The clothes you are wearing at the gym can siginificantly improve your work-out mood. If you feel confident with what you’re wearing while working out, you will surely be more driven to make the most of that gym session. According to many psychologists, this is called “enclothed cognition”, a phrase that denotes the positive impact of wearing the right clothes for a certain event, and this phenomenon extends to the fields of fitness and sports as well. Having clothes that support all the right body parts while training means feeling more confident while working out. And the more confident you are while working out, the better your performance will be.

Three: Performance improvement

This is closely connected to the previous paragraph, and it is indeed very important. It’s paramount that you wear the right clothes for the sports activity you’re about to indulge in. For example, wearing compression socks can significantly enhance your performance in all activities that involve running, while the appropriate swimsuits can make your body move faster through water. Many sportsmen choose their exercise attire based on this fact – make sure to know which clothes are the best for the activity you are engaging in, and start from there.

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Four: Prevent any injuries

Another thing that the appropriate gym clothes can help us with is injury prevention. Using clothes that don’t fit properly can lead to many health problems and skin issues. Wearing comfortable and well-fitting shoes, for example, can ensure that your feet won’t suffer from blisters, which is a severe and very painful skin problem. Wearing gym gloves can help you save your palms while lifting weights, and long-sleeved t-shirts can make any running in cold weather much more comfortable, and your skin won’t be affected by the cold. All these clothes are designed for a specific reason, so make sure to choose wisely so as not to have problems later on.

Five: They are fashionable

Even though we’re hitting the gym, and not the catwalk, why not look our best if we have the chance to? Thanks to the rise of the athleisure trend in fashion, wearing fashionable clothes at the gym and outside has become a totally legitimate thing to do. Say no to all those old, unfashionable t-shirts and shorts, and get yourself some colorful ones. They will improve your performance, and still make you look good.

To sum up, wearing the appropriate clothes while working out is anything but unnecessary. That is why your next thing to do is check your wardrobe, see what gym clothes you can work with and which are for throwing out. It’s very important to invest in the appropriate gym equipment, as your body will definitely be grateful.

Thanks to Luke for his contribution. Click on the image below to check out Ripped Me, and also do check out his profile on Facebook and Twitter.

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