Five Things To Do If You Are Stuck At The Airport

Although I don’t know too many of you blog readers personally, I’m going to make a big guess and assume that many of you travel at least once a year. And if you are a traveller, you will know that one of the most annoying things is waiting at the airport, especially when there are flight delays caused by a myriad of reasons, including silly things like airlines combining services.

If you have experienced this before, I feel your pain because I also have. So, as usual, I went on the internet to look up some of the things you can do if you end up being stuck at the airport. Although there were tonnes of ideas, and a few obvious ones (such as reading a book, boring!) I have randomly picked some and pieced them together into a small list, which I am going to share with you today. Here goes:

One: Go To The Spa Or The Lounge

Obviously, this one only applies to certain airports in developed countries. If you have never come across this concept before, I don’t blame you because I didn’t know much about it either. When in doubt, check with the airport staff whether there is a spa or not. Some spas even offer a full range of services such as full-body massages, manicures and pedicures. This is the life, eh?

Lounges are a little bit more simple though. They usually only provide some snacks, drinks and Wi-Fi, but that’s enough creature comforts, isn’t it? Oh, and they have those comfortable lounge chair nap pod things that are really comfortable, so why not give it a go?

Two: Exercise

If you found the first tip fascinating, this one will blow your mind. Some airports even have gyms and facilities for yoga classes, so you might as well get a workout while you’re there. And if you are an avid fitness fanatic, a delayed flight might mess up your schedule, so don’t let that throw your exercise plans out the window. For those of you in airports without a gym, there is always the Travel Fitness Solution, of which the Traveller’s Fitness Bible is useful for teaching and guidance.


Three: Seek Accommodation

This one really depends on your circumstance. If you have more than five hours to kill and enough spare change to afford, there are plenty of short-term lodging available at selected airports. If you choose to go down this path, the most important things to note are to be sure of the terms and conditions, and of course ensure that you do not ultimately miss your flight.

Four: Food!

If you are vigilant and find out more about the airport, you might be able to find a jewel somewhere. Although we do not typically associate airports with degustation, you might be surprised at what is available. Use the Wi-Fi to surf the net and find out if there are any specific airport restaurants that have stellar reviews, and then check it out for yourself. Why not, right? p.s. this is still a health and fitness site, so we will not recommend that you “go crazy” with this one.

Five: Adventure Time At The Airport

No, not the cartoon series, even though I do like the cartoon series. What I meant was that you can check out what your available options are, depending on the airport of course. Just because you don’t feel comfortable taking a cab and going to town doesn’t mean you should be rooted in one part of the airport. If you are stuck in a huge airport with many terminals, then go ahead and explore it. I did it at the Frankfurt airport last year and killed seven hours in total.

I’m sure that if you surf the internet for this particular topic, you would be able to find a lot of other things you can do to kill spare time at the airport. This is just a small list that I found useful. I hope you enjoy your travels. Bon Voyage.


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