Four Tips That Will Help You Minimise Sports-Related Injuries


In the world of sport, injuries are not only painful, but can also take away a player’s game time. Apart from players, coaches also suffer with the dilemma of selecting someone to replace him or her. Today we will be looking at four things that can help minimise your chances of getting injured –right from the world of basketball.

One – Don’t overdo it.

Thank you captain obvious! Of course, if you play or work out too much, it is only a matter of time before your bones and muscles get worn down, right? In the world of sports and fitness, this also means allowing your muscles to rest. That is precisely why each workout routine in the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint allows for rest.

Two – Don’t “underdo” it.

Ok this one seems to be the opposite of the first point, but there is a reason why I’m saying it. Strength and conditioning is vital in ensuring that your foundation is firm enough to resist injuries. If you perform some kind of exercise on most days, you will be conditioning your body to be able to function at a certain level, thereby minimising injury risk.

Three – Workout with proper form

Like it or not, one of the reasons why injuries occurs is overexertion with poor form. When it comes to strength training, it is always better to work on a lighter load with good form than to jack up your load and unnecessarily strain other muscles. Remember, you are doing strength training for your health, and an injury is contrary to good health.

SaraJobling / Pixabay
SaraJobling / Pixabay

Four – Take Supplements

Disclaimer: This mainly applies to people who are exercising at a really intense level. If you fall into this category, think about taking calcium supplements. Your bones are taking a beating each time you participate in your physical sport of choice. The more you strengthen them, the better they will perform.

Truth be told, you can follow all four pieces of advice presented above, but the reality is that if you have a solid exercise program, you might occasionally get injured. In such a case, you must take proper rest and allow your body time to recuperate. Otherwise the consequences might be more severe. I discuss this topic in more detail in the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint.



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