Getting Fat Because Of Depression? Or Is It The Other Way Around?

It takes a genius to completely understand the link between fat gain and depression. It’s hard to decode which one is the cause, and which one is the effect. However, we can probably agree that to some extent, these are intertwined. I’m cautious with my words, however, because it is not always the case.

Let’s look at some stats. A study from the University of Alabama showed that depressed people can become fat faster than those who are not. Most of the weight was concentrated around their waist, leading them to believe that it was an increased sugar intake that has caused this. This is not surprising, as sugar can be a comfort food, and that has a physiological and scientific basis.

Furthermore, some research has also shown that some people with clinical depression have trouble processing carbohydrates, which can lead to weight gain via hormonal changes. That is precisely why emotional eaters are encouraged to eat small but regular meals, as this has been shown to regulate physiological hunger.

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Studies in adolescents have showed that those with symptoms of depression were more likely to become obese compared to those who don’t. Physiologically, this can be explained by the concurrent disruption of both the emotional and appetite control components of the brain due to depression. That is why the link is not merely coincidental.

So what are some natural ways that one can try to treat depression? Some of them that have been recommended include medication, homeopathic treatment, professional counselling, as well as others such as having a better diet and a good exercise regimen. There is no stock-standard answer to this one, I’m afraid.

Granite Fitness, however, does have some resources that may help you with depression. For best results, use it with some of our fitness solutions. Nothing works in isolation; the sooner you realise that, the better!


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