Helpful Habits For Keeping Your Home Clean

If you didn’t know this already, here at Granite Fitness we sometimes throw in something a little light-hearted or interesting, particularly after posting a string of serious health-related issues. Today’s topic will be on keeping the house clean. It is not totally irrelevant, because there is a train of thought that a clean house represents a tidy, organised mind. Furthermore, an unhygienic home will increase the risk of illness, which is obviously unhealthy.

There is also another reason why I am sharing these tips with you. I can only speak for myself when I say this- I dislike cleaning the home because I see it as a chore. The satisfaction from cleaning a home is only felt after it is done. The actual process of cleaning is a drag. Even then, I make it a habit to clean the whole home every two weeks. So today’s list of small tips that require little effort can go a long way for you and me.

One: Clean as you go

We kick this list off with a very basic one. If you make a mess somewhere, rectify it immediately. If you have finished cooking and there are scraps or dripped sauce around, wipe it up. I know that ants provide free labour when it comes to getting rid of food scraps, but surely you don’t need to resort to that, right?

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Two: Wipe the kitchen counter

This is another easy one, and may be linked with the first point. The kitchen counter is likely to have scraps lying around. Although I don’t have any statistics to back me up on this one, it does make sense because anywhere that involves food preparation is at risk of having a mess too. Just wipe as you go along. Use vinegar if you need to get rid of grease.

Three: Clean the sink in the bathroom

Speaking of sinks, it is not only your kitchen sink that needs cleaning – your bathroom sink also does. This does not take a lot of effort, but will look aesthetically pleasing when all the toothpaste, shaving cream and excess hair disappears.

Four: Put your clothes away

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always the most vigilant with this one, although I’m generally good compared to a lot of other people I know. It would be better to erect a few racks here and there for you to hang your clothes than leave them lying around. It’s more hygienic too.

Five: Shoes off!

Maybe it’s my Asian side that’s doing the talking here. But it would make sense to leave your shoes at the door. After all, you don’t know what kind of nasties your shoes have been stepping on when outside, so why would you bring them into the home? Personally I adhere to this myself, although I don’t enforce it on my short-term visitors.

Six: Know when to open and close your doors

This is a simple one. When the weather is good, I try to keep at least one door or window open for ventilation. It also allows lingering odours to escape. Fresh air is always a good thing. Sometimes, though, it’s the opposite. If there is something pungent in the air outside, close the door to prevent it from entering your home.

So, how did you find these tips? And why did I write them? Simple – so that when guests stop by unexpectedly, you don’t have to be embarrassed at having an untidy home. And when someone gives you short notice to expect a visit from them, you don’t have to get into a cleaning frenzy. The sports team I support adopts an “Anywhere, Anytime” mantra, and I have too, when it comes to people stopping by my place, which for some reason, occurs fairly frequently.


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