Interesting Facts About Coffee That May Surprise You

Are you a coffee addict? If you are, don’t feel guilty about it. Just own it! I personally identify as a moderate coffee drinker, but I’m not here to shame you if you do identify as an addict. On the contrary, our blog post today serves to present some interesting facts about your addiction….alright…OUR…addiction… unless you’re not addicted. Anyway, here we go:

One: Coffee works really really quickly. Ok, maybe not coffee itself, but the caffeine in it. Apparently it only takes ten minutes to give you that buzz. Alright, maybe this fact is not THAT surprising. You might know this already.

Two: It is really easy to get addicted to caffeine. You already know this one, although you might not appreciate how easy it is to get addicted. Recent research has demonstrated that you only need 100 milligrams of caffeine each day to get addicted. That’s the equivalent of two bags of tea or three cans of cola.


Three: People in the United States drink the most coffee. Believe it or not, Americans collectively drink 400 million cups of coffee each day, equating to 146 billion cups a year! ‘Murrca!

Four: There is actually an ideal time for coffee if you are drinking it for its boost. It turns out that the magic time window is between 9:30 and 11:30. This is because the level of cortisol hormone is low at this time point, allowing caffeine to interact with it more easily. If you drink coffee too early, it’s easier for your body to build tolerance to it.

Five: Point of pedanticism – Coffee beans, as we know it, are technically not beans by the regular definition. They are actually the pit of the coffee fruit. Yes, the coffee fruit is a thing. Get used to it.

Six: Coffee created webcams! Ok, maybe I exaggerated a tad here. But it turns out that the reason the webcam was originally invented was because university staff were sick of walking to the coffee room to find the pot empty. And so the webcam was developed. Ahh, academics and their addiction to coffee, eh?


Seven: Wonder what the most expensive coffee in the world is? Elephant poop coffee from Thailand. Gross, but true. People who drink it always claim that the coffee tastes earthy and smooth. I know the Indonesian Civet Cat poop coffee is also apparently really tasty.

Eight: Insomniacs alert! (myself included). A coffee from a major chain such as Starbucks could contain more caffeine than your normal energy drink. Bet you didn’t know that one!

Nine: The smell of coffee always trumps its taste. You might already know this one. But why is this? According to scientists, it is because of the way your senses work.

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