Keep Active During The Winter Time With These Five Tips

Is it winter where you are? While I usually try to be accommodating for the Granite Fitness fanbase, our analytics show that about half of our readership is based on each half of the globe. If you are heading towards or are experiencing winter now, this post is for you. If not, then it’s still for you, but six months later. Bazinga! Enjoy these suggestions for winter activities.

Before we even go into that, I need to enter parent mode for a minute and warn you against complacency. Too many people in the west use the weather as an excuse to put off their exercise plans. While it is true that the cold weather makes people sluggish and forces your body to hold onto more calories than usual, you really shouldn’t make too many excuses. Okay, rant over. Back to the topic at hand.


One: Meet Your Friends

Yes, we know that winter is when people stay indoors most of the time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, but you can still be wise about it. Instead of lazing about, why not take the time to meet your friends? Go to someone’s place for a nice healthy dinner, or meet them and walk around the mall. Good idea, yea?

Two: Bike Riding

Obviously you can only do these on winter days without rain or heavy snowfall. If you get the luxury of such a day, have a nice relaxing bike ride and enjoy the cool air. Keep in mind, though, that you should always ensure you are not freezing.

Three: Yoga or Pilates

Here’s an indoor one. If you take a yoga or pilates class at your local gym, you can get out and about, meet new people, and even tone up your muscles! This is great way to stay active and in shape over the winter so why not try it out.

windyschneider / Pixabay

windyschneider / Pixabay

Four: Walk

Yes, the basics are always the best yea! This is good on those days when there is no rain. Even if it’s snowing a little, you can get rugged up and go for a nice walk. It doesn’t even matter if it is a slow or fast paced one. This is one of my favourites.

Five: Winter Wonderland

Ah, what I meant is that you can plant a winter garden. If you like to be active in the garden in the spring and summer, and if you have green hands, so to speak, then there is no reason why you should stop just because the temperature falls. If you have a winter garden, you can take great pleasure in maintaining it.

So, how do you find these tips? Pretty good eh? Well, here at Granite Fitness, we are always harping on about banishing unwanted excuses if you are serious about getting in shape. So don’t let the weather get to you. Instead, plan how to be active. I write about this more in the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint. All the best, and may you hit your fitness goals! And here’s more stuff for you:



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