Keep These Healthy Foods In Your Freezer

Most of us will be familiar with the concept of freezing food. You have probably also heard of many foods which cannot and should not be frozen. A lot of the time it is because it would lose its flavour, texture, or appeal. Rarely are the true reasons based on anything other than aesthetics. There are, however, some food items which you should store in your freezer. Here are some of them:

One: Fruits And Vegetables

Like duh! When we think about healthy food, we always think of fruits and vegetables first, right? I’m sure you’ve heard of people saying that certain fruits and veggies should not be stored in the freezer. Well, that may be true, but there certainly are other types which would go well in such an environment.

The types of fruits and vegetables I was referring to include cherries, pineapples, berries, peaches, smoothies, leafy greens, peas, broccoli and cauliflower. In addition, you could store any type of soup or stir-fries in there. And you know, some frozen produce are snap-chilled when they are at their freshes, which means that it will have most of its nutrients when they are frozen. Fancy that!

Two: Veggie Patties

Okay, I’ll be frank and say that it would be rare to find veggie patties that are as nice as the real thing – even though I’d be forced to have them now since I’m vegetarian. But regardless of how disgusting some of them might taste, they are actually a good source of protein. Hopefully that answers the question of how veggos get their protein. And since we buy them from the freezer, it stands to reason that you should store them there.


Three: Salmon Fillets

I must put a disclaimer that not every country has this readily. But if you happen to have access to these, then you shouldn’t hesitate to leave them in the freezer. One thing you can do is store them when you know they are going to be out of season soon. This way, you can still enjoy this little delicacy when they are not readily available. Don’t forget to leave the fillets in the fridge the night before you intend to devour them.

Four: Oats

Yes, oats! More specifically, steel cut oats. We all know that these types of oats are a pain to cook and can sometimes take as long as 45 minutes. But if you freeze and compartmentalise them, you can actually microwave them in five minutes when you need them. A word of caution though – only do this for the plain ones to avoid the high sugar content.

Five: Multigrain Bread

Before becoming an adult, I seriously did not know that bread could be kept frozen. As an adult, I quickly learnt to embrace that fact. Since this blog post is about healthy food that you can freeze, of course I’m going to recommend the multigrain varieties. Get your hit of fibre, trace minerals and even protein with this suggestion.

Six: Ice Cream

Ice cream isn’t something you typically associate with good health, and that’s okay. That being said, if you pick a healthier variety such as coconut milk, the damage, so to speak, would be minimal. Some research suggests that the fat found in coconut milk can actually boost your metabolism rather than kill it. Give it a shot!

I hope you have learnt something today. In my life, my friends usually give me grief for cooking in bulk, compartmentalising them and freezing everything, much like how I describe it in the Strategic Nutrition Guide. Despite that, I continue to do it because it works for me, and my generally good health testifies to that. All the best!

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