A List Of Ten Ways To Relieve Stress

Who loves list? We know the internet does, since list-type websites and videos seem to be booming out of control. Since we love lists too, here is a list of things that can help you manage your stress.

One: Try To Live Simply

What does this mean? Fair enough that it is a very broad term. We cannot define it for you, but if you read stuff on minimalism and decluttering, you’ll have a better idea. Too much stuff is always bad. Clear your possessions and clear your mind.

Two: Get A Manicure Or Pedicure

Obviously not too often. But people tend to like it and find it therapeutic.

Three: Be One With The Bath Tub

Sink into your tub for a long, luxurious soak at the end of the day.  Light a few nicely scented candles, turn off the lights and let the glow and scent of the candle relax your mind, body and soul.

Four: Aromatherapy Relaxation

Light up your electric simmering (aroma) pot with a softly scented aroma.  This allows your senses to relax, thus allowing you to relax.  Then curl up on the sofa with a good book. Bliss!

Five: Shake It Off

Taylor-Swift Style… or not. This is what you can do: Put on your favourite music, turn it up loud and dance! Now we’re talking.

Six: Watch Your Favourite Movie

Yes, you might have seen it before. But if it brings out positive emotion, try it again!

Seven: Coffee Shop

Grab a cup of coffee or cappuccino and a magazine and just relax with a book. Light-reading, naturally!

Eight: Take A Walk

Take a nice long scenic walk, perhaps the beach or the lake. Don’t forget to invite a friend!

Nine: Call Someone

Got a best or very dear friend you haven’t talked to in a while?  Pick up the phone and call them. It’s always great to reconnect.

Ten: Vacation

Obviously dependent on the budget. But if you can, do it!

So here we go. I’m sure some of them will be useful for you. All the best. And don’t forget to check out the resources below, which are to do with panic and anxiety:


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