Lower Your Cholesterol With A Good Diet

It has been a while since we have posted about cholesterol, and so now it’s high time that we do so again. Let’s have a little chat about cholesterol first, and then follow through with an example which has been given to us by a contributor who is more than qualified to talk about this. Let’s first point out the seriousness of having high cholesterol.

The harsh reality is that when cholesterol levels in the body reach a certain threshold, the person often gets many diseases that can cause complications and eventually death. The most common ones are things like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. And the bad news is that this is more rapid and serious for people who are older, as their bodily processes are less efficient.

Ok, now let us bust a myth, since we like doing that. Some people think that all cholesterol is bad. Well, not true. Cholesterol does fulfill the important function of making bile salts, as well as helping to maintain hormonal balances. At low levels, this is all well and good. However, at higher levels, it becomes a major problem. Let us explain it further.


In simple terms, there is “bad” and “good” cholesterol. The “bad” kind is often abbreviated at LDL, and is known the stick to the walls of the artery. This results in formation of plaques which then clog the passageway. This type of cholesterol is found most commonly in saturated and trans fats. The main sources of these are pre-packaged foods. The “good” cholesterol is known as HDL, and is useful for reducing LDL by transporting it to the liver.

So what affects cholesterol levels? Some of it include age, physical activity, and food – the latter being the most important. If you follow the advice in the Strategic Nutrition Guide, you’d be good. Apart from this, let’s now look at a hypothetical example, given to us by a contributor:

“James just had a blood test as part of the annual physical examination. He exercises moderately and loves to eat. The results showed that his LDL cwas much higher than the good cholesterol. The doctor said if some changes are not done, he will soon suffer from high blood pressure, a heart attack or a stroke.


Being a father of two children, James had to take the situation very seriously to be able to continue providing the needs for the family. Since James was working out twice a week, the doctor advised him to do it more often. This means working out four times a week and engaging in other activities to help lower the cholesterol. There is no point in exercising more often if the intake of food does not change.

The doctor told James to make some changes in the diet because nothing will happen if the food being burned is just resupplied into the body. The doctor referred James to a dietitian. The two had a long talk about food that was bad and this should be cut down. These should be replaced with those that are much healthier so the level of bad cholesterol can be lowered.

The plan, on paper, looked very simple. James will have to eat food that is low in fat and low in carbohydrates. Chicken can only be consumed without the skin. The portion of steak should be reduced and mixed with a lot of vegetables and side dishes.


It will take some time to adjust to the new regimen and people like James who are new to this will feel hungry in the late afternoon. Having some carrot sticks or an apple is much better than having a donut that has a lot of sugar. Instead of having a cola with the snack, James will have either water or fresh fruit juice.

James has to follow the plan even when dining out in a party or eating in a restaurant. There is no day off for someone who is at risk of heart disease or high blood pressure. This wasn’t only for himself but also for the family. The next check-up with the doctor showed significant results. The LDL was much lower than the HDL, which was good for someone at that age. The diet program chosen by James is just one of many out there in the market. It takes some time to find the right program to be able to lower the cholesterol and be healthy again.”

Okay, nice example, isn’t it? This tends to happen if you put in effort to ensure you have proper self-care, as well as seeing your doctor often. And oh, getting the Strategic Nutrition Guide also helps immensely. Unlike most major diseases, cholesterol can often be controlled. Do it for yourself today. Live long and prosper! Check out the links below:


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