Our Modern Diet Is A Plague On Our Health

If you have been following us for some time now, you would have noticed that a lot of our articles have a few solid points to them. Today we move down a different path – one that is guided by discussion and a bit of contemplation. We are going to be talking about how our modern diet can harm us, and the steps we can take to minimise the harm.

Let me open with a few points to ponder. Not feeling good lately? Having a hard time enjoying a good dinner for fear of the discomfort that may result later? Are you finding it harder and harder to lose weight? Do you or members of your family find it takes longer to get over an illness or injury? Scientists the world over are increasingly saying many of these problems and more are probably related to our modern diets.


Even though the food we eat tastes and looks fine to our eyes, most of it is filled with fat and harmful chemicals that don’t even have to be listed on the label. Did you know that the taste and smell of many foods in restaurants are achieved almost entirely with specially designed chemicals? This might sounds a bit like an exaggeration, but do take some time to think about it.

Without those chemicals, the French fries you enjoyed yesterday would have tasted like grease lumps and smelled even worse, right? The same can be said of other delicious item on the fast food menu. Specially designed chemicals added to food trick you into thinking you’re eating food that is good for you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

More and more people are insisting on eating whole, raw, natural foods. Instead of milk that is filtered, cooked, and chemically treated, many families are now finding ways to get untreated, natural milk directly from the cow. The health benefits are incredible, including real scientific evidence that raw milk, like our grandparents drank, successfully treats some ailments.


There is actually some logic behind all of this. Humans were never designed to eat chemicals and processed blobs of fat. For thousands of years we ate nothing but whole grains, fresh fruits, and other natural, raw nutrients. Instead of ingesting factory-created pills, we used specific herbs to calm maladies and cure illness.

No wonder people today have more health problems that ever! Clearly we need to stop and remember some of the important nutrition lessons our ancestors knew so well. But we do not have to stick to that in the exact same way. Here are four ways you can improve your diet now:

One: Stop buying so many pre-packed foods. Instead, stock your shopping cart with fresh vegetables, fruits, and juices. They’re better for you by far. It does take effort, but you have to start somewhere.

Two: Pass on fast food. Our busy schedules encourage eating at drive-throughs, but taking time to cook fresh food will pay dividends to your health. If you, like me, need to have fast food, at least limit it heavily.


Three: Look for herbal supplements and treatments first before you opt for prescription drugs. They’re far cheaper and often much better for your health. But of course, do your homework on them first.

Four: Get exercise. Our ancestors didn’t sit for hours in front of TV’s and computer screens. Most walked everywhere they went. No wonder many lived active, healthy lives well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Ok, rant over, almost! The point of this article is not to chide us as being incompetent or deserving to be plagued with health-related issues, but to explore the facts and origins of why it might be the case. We can’t realistically be completely healthy or detach ourselves away from processed food, but just do the best you can and you’ll have a healthy life.

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