Product Review: Elite Sports Star Series Sublimation Black/White Short Sleeve Wrestling Rash Guard

Hi everyone, hope this finds you well, especially amidst the panic of COVID-19, which appears to affect everyone and everything. Ugh. Anyways, today we will be doing something I don’t think we have done before – an honest product review!

You see, as we gain credibility as a premier, yet very grassroots fitness-blog, it is no surprise that we are starting to get people wanting to be our sponsors and reviewers. Our friend Joseph from Elite Sports was so confident in his product line (and I can understand why – more of it will be revealed as this post progresses) that he was willing to send us a product to review – so here we go.

Before the review officially begins, I should provide an introduction. Elite Sports, which include Elite Sports USA, UK, Australia, and others, produces certain sportswear and equipment, a lot of which is tailored towards martial arts and boxing. Although, truth be told, I’m not really into that variety of sports, I informed them that I was willing to review a product from their line from the viewpoint of a non-martial artist. And so, they sent me a set of wrestling rash guards, which is this product here.

The website tells us of their very impressive specs, such as being made of anti-odor + lightweight breathability fabric with a blend of polyester & spandex, being anti-slip, having protection from chaffing, and having an increased range of motion. From the time I received it, I could feel that the material is good, and that the claims on their site are probably true. However, my next question is – how good are they for non-combat sports?

And so, I decided to put it to the test – because they wanted an honest review. In order to see whether this was the ultimate sports top (which it is!), I decided to test it in a variety of different arenas which are more “my type” of fitness activities, namely gym classes, biking, and yoga.

To be honest, I felt a bit strange at first when I put it on. But that was because I was not used to compression wear. However, I soon got used to it. I also understood that it’s design was functional, especially as combat sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has a lot of grappling involved.

I then tested it under a few conditions, both at my local gym, and outdoors. They were: running, cycling, elliptical, fitness classes, and yoga. What I noticed was that I felt comfortable in the rash guard doing all of those sports. I also noticed that it wicks very well under sweaty conditions.

There are, however, two things that you might want to keep in mind if choosing to use this in other disciplines – both of which relates to aesthetics because of how functional it is.

Firstly, it might look out of place in the yoga studio, in the cardio and weights section at the gym, on the jogging path, on the trail, or on the cycling track. Secondly, its compressive nature means that it fully reveals your body shape. So if you are self-conscious about your physique, you might want to think twice before wearing it. I know I won’t wear it immediately after polishing a couple of rounds at the buffet table.

My conclusion about this product is that although it was not designed for non combat sports, it fares just as well as them – at least in the disciplines and conditions that I had tested them in. I would strongly recommend this if you do combat sports, or if you do combat sports in addition to other fitness disciplines – saves you from needing to buy other attire.

Once again, thank you to Joseph from Elite Sports for providing this premium product, which I will undoubtedly use in my non combat sport disciplines. Once again, Elite Sports has branches in the USA, UK, Australia, and others countries. Check them out for sure. And also check out these:


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