A Few Self-Improvement Tips for You

Self-improvement. Motivation. Confidence. Empowerment. These are a few buzzwords that have formed an entire industry of self-help. Some of these are useful, while some are only ruses and guises to sucker others into signing up for their expensive courses or multi-level-marketing products. Nevertheless, here are some tips, which I’m offering for free, might I add, that will help you. The first thing to know is that as clichéd as it sounds, being strong is a mindset. Think about it. Here we go:

One: Understand your purpose

Yes, easier said than done, right? Well, are you wandering through life with little direction – hoping that you’ll find happiness, health and prosperity? Identify your life purpose or mission statement and you will have your own unique compass that will lead you to your true north. This means simply – to identify a few things you are put on this earth to do. There’s sure to be something.

Two: Identify your values

What do you value most? Family? Career? A specific hobby? A political cause? Make a list of your top 5 values, and then hone them down. Some examples may be security, freedom, family, spiritual development, and learning. The next step will be to check your goals against your values. If the goal doesn’t align with any of your top five values – you may want to reconsider or revise it.


Three: Identify what you need in this life

Unmet needs can keep you from living well. You need to take care of yourself. Do you have a need to be acknowledged, to be right, to be in control, to be loved? There are so many people who live their lives without realising their dreams simply because they neglect themselves. Unsurprisingly, most of them end up being stressed or even depressed. List your top four needs and take steps to meet them, pronto!

Four: Identify your passions

Sounds similar to the points above, right? Well, they do overlap. You must know who you are and what you truly enjoy in life. Obstacles like doubt and lack of enthusiasm may hinder you, which is absolutely normal. However, don’t allow these negative thoughts to derail your chance to become the person you ought to be. Take time to think about your passions.

Five: Identify your strengths

Everyone, bar none, have strengths. What are yours? What special talents do you have, apart from mindless party tricks? List a few of them to start with. If you get stuck, ask those closest to you to help identify these. Are you imaginative, witty, or good with your hands? Find ways to express your authentic self through your strengths. You can increase your self-confidence when you can share what you know with others.


Six: Serve and give

This is my Christian ethics speaking here. You see, when you are living authentically, giving your talents to the world around you becomes natural. You will actually want to give back in and share with others.  The rewards for sharing your gift with those close to you are indeed rewarding, and even more so for strangers.

Be encouraged! Self-improvement does take some work, in fact maybe even a lot of work. But you shouldn’t be fazed by it because in the end, it will be worth it. It shouldn’t always be within the confines of an office building or the four corners of your own room. As the saying goes, and as clichéd as it may sound – be the change you want to see in the world. The difference lies within ourselves and how much we want to change for the better. Go forth and prosper! Oh, and if you need a bit of psychology to kick-start your weight loss, check out the Winning Psychology Manual.

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