Seven Diet-Related Tips For Weight Loss


Here at Granite Fitness, we usually write articles and blog posts. However, once in a while, we will put lists out there for you to follow. Today we share seven diet-related tips that can help you lose some weight. Here goes:

One: Water! Water! Water!

This is something which I advocate strongly, and it probably will not surprise you either. Not only does water fill you up, it also contains no calories by default! Interestingly, I was on a popular health site and they said that drinking two glasses of water can increase your metabolism by 30 percent, according to a German study. With some basic calculations, this would equate to losing five pounds per year. Interesting, isn’t it?

Two: More Dairy Please…

According to an study in the Obesity Research Journal,, women who are low-fat dairy products lost up to 70% more fat than low-dairy dieters, everything else being equal. The conclusion of this study suggests that one should aim for about three servings of dairy each day.

Three: Fish Power

This shouldn’t be a surprise. It was found that regular fish eaters have lower levels of the hormone leptin – a hormone which has been linked to low metabolism and obesity. A reasonable amount to aim for would be three to four servings each week.

Four: Green Tea

You have probably heard about green tea being touted as a superfood. Some researchers even say it has cancer-fighting properties. Green Tea is also known to increase one’s metabolic rate to the extent of 60 calories daily, equivalent to six pounds per year. This is due to the catechin compounds in it.


Five: Make Snacking A Habit

I know this may sound counter-intuitive. However, snacking away during the day can help prevent slow metabolism. However, be cautious not to increase your total daily calorie intake. This is where most people fall.

Six: Bananas, Magnifico

Bananas are full of potassium, which can push your metabolism into overdrive by regulating water balance. The more water in your body, the more calories you can burn at rest. This goes back to the first point.

Seven: More Protein, Less Starch

Proteins are great not just for muscle building, but for firing up your metabolism, since it takes more energy to break it down. An ideal amount will be 20-35% of your diet. Starch, on the other hand, causes a surge in insulin, which then slows down your metabolism. You don’t have to give it up totally, but just watch your intake.

And that’s it. I hope you found this list useful. For more food-related information for weight loss, check out the Strategic Nutrition Guide, which is part of the Granite Fitness Solution and Granite Fitness Masterclass.


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