Seven Exercises You Can Do On Your Chair

Hi all, a few days ago we published a guest post by our friends at Powered By Search, and some of our readers liked it. Today, as a treat, we have another guest post infographic introduced by them. This one is by former competitive power lifter and gym owner Jim Roose by Garage Gym Builder. Firstly, we all know that here at Granite Fitness, our emphasis is indeed fitness.

While some programs are difficult and complex, and others are simplified, such as those we have covered in the lifelong Fitness Blueprint, there are some that are simple and can be incorporated in your daily life if you work in an office environment. Now, they are by no means a complete exercise schedule, but intended to be an addition to your fitness routine.

And yes, we know – we all go through busy periods when it is hard to commit to our routine, such as tax time for accountants or audit time in other industries. So here are some exercises, thanks to Garage Gym Builder.

Want some recipes for healthy eating? Check out the links below for more substantial fitness programs! Enjoy!


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