Six Signs That You Might Be Overeating

Unless you live under a rock, you will most definitely be aware that overeating is associated with unwanted weight gain. Most people who have successfully gone through the weight loss journey, such as myself, had to go through the process of tweaking one’s eating habits. That is also why I wrote the Strategic Nutrition Guide, which deals with this topic directly.

While this might be the case for some of us, others simply do not know that they are overeating. It is no surprise that they will subsequently question why they simply aren’t losing weight. To such people, recognising that they could be overeating should be the first step in their journey. Here are some signs that you might be one of them:

One: You Need To Take A Break While Eating

I’ll start off the list with the hardest one to identify. Sometimes if you subconsciously drop your cutlery and sigh, it might be that you are eating too quickly. However, other times it might be your body signalling that you have had enough. If ever in doubt, stare at your food whenever this happens and ask yourself if you are full yet.


Two: The Mouthfuls Don’t Taste As Good

If you are eating something you like, the first few mouthfuls will taste the best and give you the most pleasure, especially if you start off hungry. There is no denying this. After that, it is simply a ritual of moving food from cutlery to mouth. Of course, it then becomes difficult to know when you are officially full. When it starts tasting bland, you might have hit the point where you should consider ending your meal.

Three: Your Pants Suddenly Feel Tight

You fall into either one of two camps here – someone who can relate to this, or someone who laughs at it. While it might seem ridiculous to the latter group that one meal can cause a tightening of the waist, the former group will tell you how real this is. But don’t panic yet. If it is a new pair of pants, then it might just be an indication that you’re not in the right size.

Four: Round Two, Three, Four

Most of us are guilty of this one at some point – especially at dinner parties. If we are honest to ourselves, the first plate of food is most probably sufficient for all your needs. If you are going for multiple rounds consistently, you might be overeating. There are only a few times when this is acceptable – such as being at buffets, or if you are using tiny plates. If you find yourself in a situation when you are still hungry, load up the next round with veggies.


Five: You’re The Survivor

If you are with a group of people and you find yourself eating constantly and not finishing even after everyone else has eased into chatter mode, you might be overeating. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule. You might be chattering away when everyone is busy gorging themselves, and therefore eating slowly. Whatever the case, just be aware.

Six – You Know You Are Full, But You Are Still Eating

I know that this is probably stating the obvious, but I take it upon myself to food-police you. If you are aware that you are full but are still eating, then you might be overeating. Once again, if it is a cheat meal, then fair enough. But if this is happening on a regular basis, then it is time for some self-evaluation.

Now that you are equipped with more information, ensure that you translate this into an acute awareness. After all, knowledge plus application equals to wisdom. If you are struggling or unsure about how to plan your eating, you would do well to get a copy of the Strategic Nutrition Guide to help you out.

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