Six Tips On Stretching That You Should Follow

While we are fully into the exercise, we are fully into safety as well. In the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint, we included some content on stretching, but perhaps we might have gotten short of the details. Truth be told, stretching is important if you are going to be exercising with intensity. Here is a list of tips related to stretching.

One: Before And After Workouts

It is always good practice to stretch before and after workouts if you have the time, and especially for some workouts. Most people already know that stretching before workout prevents injuries, but not many people know that stretching after workout, when muscles are still warm, can increase flexibility.

Two: The Sixty Second Rule

You do not need to stretch for more than 20 seconds if you want to prevent muscle injury – in most cases that is. However, if your focus is to increase your flexibility, you’d better triple that to 60 seconds.

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Three: Hold It For A Few Seconds

When you are pressed for time, you might have the temptation to go into a stretching position then immediately return to the relaxed position. This is not good. It is effectively “bouncing”, and this can have negative repercussions such as straining or damaging joints or muscles.

Four: Cover Major Muscle Groups

We’re back to the constraint of time again. If you are going to be working out hard, be sure to work out all least all the relevant major muscle groups. Obviously, if your workout does not include certain parts of the body, then you may not want to devote too much time to those.

Five: You Are Your Own Warrior

What does this mean? It means that your fitness journey belongs to you and you alone. Just because someone else has progressed further down the line doesn’t mean that you should force your way to that level. You’re exposing yourself to injury if you do. This applies to stretching as well.


Six: Rest

Not directly related to stretching, but this point has to be made. Rest between sets so that your body can recover its energy. The only exception is if you are alternating body parts and exercises – then it’s okay.

Alright, good article, isn’t it? Don’t forget to put it to practice. Personally, my way of stretching prior to cardio is with a good stretch and to start at low speed and intensity to warm the muscles up. As for weight training, you may warm up with half the intended weight. Hope this helps.

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