Some Ways to Care for Your Baby’s Skin

Today we present something a little different from the usual fitness-related post. As our analytics have shown that a sizeable proportion of our fandom are women who are around the child-bearing stage of life, we have something specific for that demographic. And to mix things up a little, we will be focusing on ‘natural’ products which you hippy mums will love!

The skin on your baby is very sensitive and can react easily to weather temperatures and irritants. Irritants can come from a variety of substances but mainly through the chemicals contained in the products you use on your baby. Avoiding these chemicals can be as easy as purchasing organic products but here are other alternatives for you to try.

One: Natural Bottom Wipes

Homemade bottom wipes can be made easily. Cut a roll of strong paper towel in half and remove the cardboard inner roll. Mix two cups of water with half a cup of sweet almond oil and half a cup of organic baby wash. Place half of the roll into a container and pour over half of the solution. For a wiping solution only, try a cup of cool chamomile tea and a teaspoon of honey and mix them together.

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Two: Soap Flakes for Baby Clothes

This might be the first time you hear this, but hear me out. Water softeners or conditioners can cause skin irritation. Instead, get some soap flakes and dissolve them in a little warm water before adding to the washing cycle. Baby’s clothes and sheets do not need to be disinfected; just dry them out in the sun.

Three: Skip the Soap When Bathing

I told you hippy mums will like this. You see, newborns can be gently and easily wiped down with rose hydrosol. This is distilled water that contains healing and soothing aromatic rose extracts suitable for sensitive skin. It is also very economical as you only use a small amount each time. Older babies should be washed with organic baby washes as adult products tend to have harsher ingredients that can irritate baby’s skin.

Four: Cloth Nappies?

Although this might sound unpalatable in our day and age, don’t rule this out completely. Washing cloth nappies at a temperature of 65 °C or hotter and then drying them in direct sunlight should eliminate any harmful germs as the ultraviolet light has a sterilizing effect and a natural bleaching ability. You can also make a solution to soak it in. Half fill a nappy bucket, add a quarter cup of bicarbonate of soda, three drops of lavender essential oil and three drops of tea tree essential oil. Add half a cup of white vinegar to the final rinse for softer nappies.

Five: Unbleached Disposable Nappies

There are totally unbleached disposable nappies on the market that ensures your baby does not come into contact with any bleach. The jury is still out as to whether bleach-related dioxins are harmful. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this point.

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Six: Caring for Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is the crusty result of overactive glands in your baby’s scalp that has been attributed to the hormones the mother passes to her child at birth. It can continue for several months but is not dangerous. The gentlest and safest way to cure cradle cap is to wipe the area with sweet almond oil, leave it on for about five-ten minutes then wash baby’s scalp with an organic baby wash or shampoo.

Seven: Post-Bath Oiling

You can apply some massage oils after showering. Use natural and organic oils that continue to soothe and moisturize baby’s skin. These include products that contain sweet almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and chamomile, rose, lavender and mandarin essential oils. Avoid mineral based oils as they contribute to the drying of the skin when absorbed. Always try a test patch first and watch for any redness or irritation, just as a precaution.

Interesting, isn’t it? Perhaps some of you already have young children. But I know that some of you readers will have a bun in the oven! How do I know? The magic of our marketing analytics of course! Hope this helps. And while we’re here, why not get some baby monitors from YouTubers’ Reviews, some cute baby clothes from the Impulse Buy Store, or pamper yourself at Laschwandra’s. Australian readers can also check out Deals Ninja. All the best!

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