The Benefits Of Pilates

While yoga has been around for ages, pilates has come a long way although it hasn’t been in existence as long. Briefly, like yoga, pilates is touted to be useful as it includes elements of stretching, strength conditioning and improving flexibility in a way that is safer that other exercises. This article addresses some of its benefits.

Before that though, let’s go back to its source. It is interesting that pilates first started as a way of rehabilitating athletes and dancers. But because of how good it is, it is now practiced by millions of non-dancers around the world. Knowing its benefits will reveal why this is the case.

When we think of exercising, the most effective weight loss exercise is running. However, we all know its risks – all kinds of knee and other leg issues. In fact, running also has the risk of falling, which brings about potentially severe injuries. On the other hand, pilates is one of the safest exercises because all you need is a floor mat.

windyschneider / Pixabay

windyschneider / Pixabay

One thing that not many of us know is that while only a floor mat is needed, more advanced exercises can also utilise other equipment that are often added to otherwise simple routines. It is said that pilates can benefit people of all ages, and all genders too. The main point that is often emphasised is that it improves flexibility, core strength and range of motion.

Many also say that it alleviates chronic health ailments as well as fight back pain. Why is this so? Because pilates is known to be a fun activity that bonds the mind and body, allowing them to work together to establish balance. It has also been said that the biggest benefit is Pilates improves overall body alignment, making it less prone to injury. Others include:

  • Building lean muscles
  • Building strength
  • Improving breathing patterns
  • Improving flexibility
  • Correcting spinal and pelvic alignment
  • Creating muscle balance

With regards to the last point on this list, the way it is done is that the exercises strengthen both weak and strong muscles, but in a balanced, organic way. In fact, it is so balanced and natural that the benefits extend to daily activities. Your body will train itself to move in a smoother way, minimising chances of injuries.

If you are looking for an exercise regimen that is safe and easy to begin, and which does not involve a lot of complex equipment, why not give pilates a shot? Since it is principle-based, you can even do it at home. If you don’t fancy doing it at a gym, you can easily find online videos. If this intrigues you, try it!



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