Some Tips For Treating Hair Loss

Let’s be real here – hair loss is a harsh reality for men, and can start at any time from their thirties onwards. We have covered this topic from time to time in this blog, although due to it not being a specialty of ours, we have often asked a guest contributor to talk about it. Today is no different. May this article help you with dealing with your hair loss issue.

“Hair loss and baldness is a common problem in our society. A number of men and women are facing hair problems and seeking for help. Hair problems badly affect one’s social activities, especially for women. About 90% of men and women are suffering with hair issues – sometimes it is thinning of hair, sometimes it is falling of hair, and sometimes, God forbid, it is baldness.


In general, a person with less hair on his/her head is considered as less smart / beautiful as his / her counterpart who has hairy head with healthy hair. Such is the harsh reality of the world we live in. Hair loss is clinically diagnosed as the deficiency of Biotin a vitamin of ‘Vitamin B – Complex’ group in the body. Vitamin B7 and vitamin H are other synonyms of Biotin.

It is often said that ‘prevention is better than cure’, so a person needs to take vitamin H rich diet to maintain his / her body and hair health, as biotin is also important for other bodily functions. But no problem comes calling in life, so if you are being in hair problems, then you need to take necessary steps to prevent further loss and ultimately baldness.

Different types of lotions, various medicines and shampoos in different fragrances are available in the market stores to prevent your hair. You can buy these hair loss products from a medical store in your locality. There are the products, which you can by only after a physician’s prescription. The choice of selecting a hair loss product totally depends on the level of suffering you are going with.

The clinical root cause of hair loss may be any, like hereditary, hormonal imbalance etc. Hence an individual need to receive medications accordingly. The blocking of hair follicles is found one major condition for hair problems. A hormone called dihydro testosterone in excessive quantity does the blocking of hair follicles, which ultimately results into hair problems. Dihydro testosterone is also pronounced as DHT. The effect of DHT in hair follicles can be neutralized using 5 – alpha reductase, which is an inhibitor.

Deannachka / Pixabay

Nugen HP, Revivogen, and Hair genesis are some of the common hair loss products available in pharmacies and drug stores. All these medicines help in reducing the level of DHT and thus help in control of hair loss and promote healthy hair. Nugen HP controls your problems naturally. This blocks the DHT in follicles and thus cures your hair problems.

If you are facing hair problems, you must have to take proper nutritious balanced diet. Take a diet full with proteins, vitamins and minerals. Hair genesis is very effective in hair problems. It is a natural DHT blocker and prevents hair loss in males. Many more products are available in the medical and pharmacy stores, but while using any product, taking diet rich in nutrition is also equally important.

You also can use hair conditioners to prevent hair loss. Revivogen, Folligen, Tricomin, and Nisim are some of the hair conditioners. Minoxdil is a drug, which is effective in case of youngsters’ hair problems. So if you are facing hair problems, a number of drugs and conditioners are there to help you and prevent your hairs. But be cautious, take the advice of your doctor and have food enriched with vitamins and minerals and proteins. Hair loss is curable and with little extra effort, you can have healthy hair on your head.”

Did you know that there are also some products that you can get online, both digital and physical, that can help you with this issue? Although I personally haven’t tried them yet, due to not having such issues, I have friends that do swear by them. And you know what the best news is? It is that it does not cost thousands of dollars! Give them a shot today!


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