Try These Eight Things For Fun, Or To Improve Your Life

Randomness is something we seldom do on this blog. But since we want the very best for you, today we present a list of things that you can consider doing to bring added joy into your life. Some of these things are minor while others require you to step out of your comfort zone slightly. Either way, it might bring you some joy.

One: Make A New Friend

If you are in your childhood or youth, this might be easy and even come as second nature to you. If you have kids, you will find that out quickly. If you are an adult, it becomes infinitely tougher. But if you make it a goal, it is definitely possible. Think about who will make your life richer, and who will benefit from knowing you.

Two: Ask A Friend For An Honest Opinion

Let’s be real for a moment here – we all have biases that cause us to be stubborn – myself included. Sometimes we hear many people telling us something but we brush it off. Well, not any more. If there is some uncertainty in your life, it’s high time to ask your close confidantes for the truth. It might sting, but it can and should strengthen you.

Three: Dish Out An Honest Opinion

This takes as much courage, if not more, as the previous point. But being able to deliver bad news or share an honest opinion is a skill that is borne out of a heart of love. Perhaps I’m biased as a counsellor-in-training, but I do believe this is something that can benefit everyone. But of course, learn some techniques to dish it out tactfully and out of love and concern.

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Four: Try A Different Generation

You know how most people stick to their own generation, right? While this might be a natural tendency, there is really a lot to be learnt from talking with someone older. Although times change, they will have some gems of wisdom to give you that are timeless. Why not get them? On the contrary, pay attention to youngins too!

Five: Find The Answer

Yes, it’s about time you find out the answer to life, purpose and meaning. Just kidding! What I meant by this is to find an answer to something that you have been wondering for a long time. Next time such a thought comes to mind, write it down. Then investigate it on our favourite place – the internet.

Six: Show Love To A Child Or Animal

I often joke that children and animals love me, while people don’t. While that is a bit of an exaggeration, it is true that children and animals can detect signs of threats, and if you display little, they can trust you more easily. Sometimes people are just tough to deal with, so why not take a time out and spend some time with someone’s pet instead?

Seven: Call Someone

I did say “call”. We often use the phone to text because it is perceived as less intrusive. The only problem is that it is also less personable. I know that when texting became available, my phone skills plunged down town Chinatown. So now I am trying to call people when possible. You should too!

Eight: Prepare For Christmas Early

For those who celebrate Christmas, it always seems ages away, right? Then before you know it, it creeps up on you like a stalker. You should always try and be prepared, and Christmas shopping is no exception. Get it done earlier rather than later.

Here we go, stuff that can benefit you. Some of these points are peoples’ New Year’s Resolutions. But really, any day of the year can be a good day for starting a new habit, breaking an old one, or pursuing a better version of yourself. And of course we should do things one thing at a time. The list above is food for thought yea?

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