Useful Things For Your Home Gym

So you hate the traditional gym, do you? While I am a gym-goer, I can understand that there are many reasons why people choose to forego the gym. For some, it is the annoyance of being ogled and objectified. For others who still have a fair way to go, it’s the fear of being judged.

It is for that reason why I started the Granite Fitness Solution, which comprises of a few physical products and e-books that realistically can help people lose weight. Those of you who have acquired it will know that I am a big fan of resistance bands, which also sell well on my site. And of course I have the Granite Fitness Masterclass for those who want digital products and the Granite Fitness Online Store for those who prefer physical products.

While all of these are available, today’s post will focus on some other things you can add to your home gym. Of course, the first assumption is that you will have enough room at home to perform the exercises. That is something that is either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. You can put together a cheap home gym that gets the job done if you buy the essentials and stay away from the fads. Here goes:

One: Space

Yes, we start off this list with something I wrote about in the previous paragraph. The reality is that if you have a lot of space, you have the freedom to do basketball style conditioning drills, such as sprints and short intervals. Of course, things like squats and crunches require less space. Be sure to build up your joints and tendons first with slower, more deliberate strength training to avoid injury. And if you have solid walls, you could bounce a medicine ball for abdominal development.

Two: Resistance Bands

Haha, isn’t it obvious that I am going to put this first, considering that I launched my fitness business on the back of this product? Resistance and yoga bands also offer several advantages over traditional weights. Compared to tools such as dumbbells, barbells and kettle bells, resistance and yoga bands are known to be, just as effective, as long as you know how to use them, lighter in weight, more portable and cheaper.

The fact that resistance and yoga bands are lighter and more portable than traditional weights means that it is easy for you to bring them along with you when you are away from home. That means that you can have access to a solid strength training workout in situations when bringing dumbbells, barbells or kettle bells are not a feasible option. So, why not?

Three: Dumbbells

Okay, one should be unbiased here. There are many kinds of dumbbells out there, from the cheap to the boutique. All of which fall into one of two types: fixed weight or handles-based. Handle-based dumbbells are “plate loaded”. This requires you to slide the weight plate on yourself and then fasten the weight with collars. It can be a little inconvenient if. If you get the latter, you’ll want to coordinate any plate loaded barbells with your dumbbells so that the plates are compatible.

Four: Barbells

These are like dumbbells, except that they are weight plates on a long bar. These are better for certain muscle groups if you are working on coordination between both arms. Again, definitely be sure that they’re compatible with your dumbbells. A standard barbell set includes a bar, dumbbell handles with collars and plates.

Five: Bench

While we are on the topic of weight training, the next item is a bench for the bench-press exercise, as well as other weight training exercises. Of course, you can improvise with your own bench as long as you know it’s sturdy. Benches are also good for some body weight exercises.

Six: Pull Up Bar

For advanced users, a pull-up bar can be good for training one’s back. If you go down this path but are not strong enough yet, start off with assisted pull-ups before advancing to unassisted pull-ups. Truth be told, this item is not very common.

Seven: Skipping Rope

Most of the items we have covered are centred on weight training. What about cardio? Well, you really can’t beat a skipping rope. The rope itself does not take up much space, and compared to running or cycling, the exercise does not take up much room either. However, you will need to learn how to coordinate your jumps. This item is so good that we have been offering it as a bonus for our resistance bands.

Eight: Swiss Ball

These are the giant balls you see in the gym that can bounce around. Most people use them for abdominal exercises. Truth be told, they are a little overused. Some people even sit on one of these instead of a chair.

If you have at least some of these eight conditions or items, you should be well on your way to construct a home gym. Personally, I also wouldn’t mind a treadmill or exercise bike that faces a TV. Then it will really feel like a customised gym. Anyway, almost all of the items mentioned today can be found at the Granite Fitness Online Store. Yes, that is the cue for you to go shopping, but it is to your benefit! Go now!




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