Why Children Have So Much More Energy Than Us Adults

Do you think that kids are hyper? Or do you think that is a myth? Well, ask any parent and they will tell you that their kids seem to have boundless energy, even though they can’t for the life of them, figure why that is the case. Well it turns out that they are actually physiologically wired this way, believe it or not. Today’s short article will discuss some of these factors.

The first reason is pure and simple physiology – their breathing patterns are simply more efficient. Don’t believe me? Just have a look at the breathing pattern of a toddler while they are fast asleep. You will notice that as opposed to adults, their breaths are much bigger relative to their body size, as evidenced by how much their chest rises and falls. Unlike adults, children use a higher proportion of their lung capacity and the surrounding muscles have to catch up. A lot is on the line physiologically. But what does this result in? Hyperactivity, of course!

Let’s dive deeper into what this actually means. Because of the fact that their breathing is more efficient, coupled with their smaller body size, children actually have a lot of oxygen, and therefore have more energy as well. In fact, it is so efficient that the energy permeates most parts of their body. And since they breathe more easily, they will have even more energy to expend.


The next thing we have to look at is a child’s mind. Do you remember the time you were a child before the age of around eight? Even if you don’t remember, you will agree with me when I say that life at that time is more relaxing, uninhibited and carefree as the reality and worries of life does not kick in yet, right? This is called living in the moment. There is, I assume, no homework, no bills, and no other worries that have long-term consequences.

Since a child’s mind is only active living for the moment, they experience much less worry, anxiety, melancholy and regret. Contrast that to adults and you will notice the difference. Once we reach a certain age, reality sets in, and all that negative emotion can take a toll on our mind. An active brain requires a lot of resources, and so a mind full of worries will drain your energy.

Another thing that a child has is the free expression of emotions. Unlike us complex adults, children are always ready to freely express their emotions in the moment. That is precisely why parenting classes always teach us to correct the child’s mistakes when it happens – because that is the best way that they learn. Not allowing a child to express him or herself may result in undesirable behaviour later. So allow them to expend their negative energy early.

So what do you do with a child that is full of energy? Simple – allow him or her to express it in a positive way, such as with activity and exercise. The last thing you want to do is inhibit the child, because then s/he will be more likely to act up later. It’s a reality that the child will be more active than you because of the physical and emotional reasons stated above, so might as well embrace it!


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