Why Don’t I Have “Thin Genes”?


Have you ever complained about how difficult it is for you to lose weight, while some other people you know seem to be as thin as a rake even though they always seem to be eating junk food? It’s unfair, isn’t it?

I totally agree. It is unfair. However, many other things in the world also are. Think about it – why is it that some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others are born starving on the streets in pain? Do the latter deserve to suffer? Of course not. The reality is that the world is not always fair. That is something we simply have to learn to accept.

So now back to your situation – what are you going to do about it given this inherent truth that we all can agree on? Are you going to be resigned to your fate, spend all your time complaining and wallowing in your misery, and not even try to become healthy? Are you going to just sit around and blame your genes and possibly an imaginary condition for not being able to lose weight and be healthy?

Or would you shake off all that doubt, quench all that negativity and decide that you will take steps towards your goals even if you have to put in more effort compared to other people? Think of some people you admire, and chances are that at least a few of them would have gotten to their position by having a strong mindset and a willingness to work towards their goals.

johnhain / Pixabay
johnhain / Pixabay

Let me put it another way. Since we have established that everyone has different circumstances, there really is no point comparing yourself to others. Instead, the challenge should be to compare yourself to what you were before! This is what self-improvement is about.

So don’t worry about those people who seem to stay thin while eating junk all the time. Perhaps they are blessed with a fast metabolism. Perhaps they have good genes. Good for them. But you are a unique individual. You have your strengths, your limitation and your own challenges.

My challenge to you is to ignore others and focus on yourself and your goals. If you can become a better version of yourself under your specific circumstances, then you have much to be proud of. So come on, get going, train your psychology, learn how to have a good diet and fitness plan, and stick to it. The best version of you is on its way, but only if you shake off the excuses and take action.

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May you be empowered to take action and be the best version of yourself!



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