You Are Not Entitled To Be Thin!


This post might be a little harsh, and some people might initially have some difficulty accepting its message. However, if you let it sink in and think about it a little further, you might be “awakened” and realise that what I’m saying makes sense.

In modern day, ie the 21st century, most of us in this world, particularly the western world, have an entitlement complex.  Much of this is based on our cultural setting which determines our thinking and adjusts our moral compass. That is why International bodies such as the United Nations have come with charter after charter of human rights.

But if we really think about it, those “human rights” that we have come up with to suit our modern day western thinking are an ideal that can never be reached. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that we should do nothing about it. If anything, I am saying that we should do more. But thinking that it can be completely solved is simply a pipe dream.

Back to the individual level, let’s talk about you and your health now. You must not, for a minute, think that you are entitled to “being thin and healthy”. Rather, you have to examine your own circumstances and see what you can do to improve it. Chances are that if you live in a position where you can be reading this on the internet, you are probably in a position to do something about it. And yes, that means you have to put in effort!

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If you are someone who is overweight and your battle is against the bulge, you have to get into the mindset that you don’t “deserve” to be thin. I know that a lot of fat loss experts will appeal to you to buy their products by saying you “deserve” to be so and so, and simply buying their product will get you there, even if you don’t do anything.

My philosophy is slightly different. You don’t deserve to be thin, but you do deserve the opportunity to give yourself a chance to work towards whatever goal it is, including a goal weight. If your circumstances present you with this opportunity, you are already miles ahead of those who can’t. I’m talking about those with physical disabilities, in a perpetually vegetative state, or have muscular or nervous tissue problems. How much harder would it be for them to lose weight?

But I tell you that attitude is everything. Even someone who is physically disabled might be able to lose weight. Perhaps they can’t do any exercise at all, but if their heart is willing, they may alter their diet and still lose that excess flab.  And believe me when I say that their progress will be faster and longer lasting than an able-bodied overweight person with such a self-defeating attitude that he spends his time munching on popcorn in front of the TV all day.

So my charge to you is this – shake off that entitlement complex. Realise that you are in a position to do something about your weight and self-esteem issues. Find out more about what you can do to start this journey and how to get the motivation to stick to it. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Here at Granite Fitness, we have some fitness solutions that can help you in your journey. Our Granite Fitness Solution has everything you need to get yourself in shape and stay in shape. However, don’t grab a set until you understand that what this system provides are only the tools that will guide you to success. You still have to put in the effort and do the work.

All the power to you!




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