You Can’t Reverse Diabetes – That’s A Fact!

If you are an active sufferer of diabetes, chances are that it has caused you some angst, although the extent to which is highly variable. You would have heard all kinds of things related to your condition. Depending on which circles and sources you get your insight from, you might have even heard that type II diabetes can be reversed and even cured!

Unfortunately, these claims are hokey. Sorry to burst your bubble. Although in all fairness, it could be a case of being pedantic with words. What is most surprising is that some of these words are not just used by internet-scam-artists, but by the Government, Doctors and other medical professionals – people whom we expect should “know better”.

You might think it’s a minor issue, but truth be told, when figures of authority say something, there is the chance that a lot of other people can be led down the incorrect path. And the use of such words matter because they bring across meaning and concepts that can be misleading and even harmful. In this specific context, it can leave diabetes sufferers with confusion, and even clinging to false hope; how cruel!

That being said, the entire medical fraternity should not use the word “reverse” when it comes to diabetes when the word “remission” is more appropriate. Consider this a challenge, but if you can name even one person whose condition is reversed to the point where it is unequivocally classified as “non-diabetic”, the entire Diabetes Daily community would probably concede defeat.

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To our knowledge, type II diabetes can’t be cured, but its symptoms can be managed effectively. The diabetes will still be there, but will only emerge if the patient decides to be neglectful of its treatment. So when it comes to definitions, you can say that the symptoms of diabetes can be reversed, but the condition cannot.

To be clear, the symptoms of diabetes that we talk about include increased thirst, hunger, frequent urination, sudden weight loss, hyperglycaemia, as well as other issues that are known to be associated with diabetes such as hypertension, high cholesterol levels, and obesity. But why would it still be inaccurate to say that diabetes has been reversed in such a case? Let’s explore this further.

By definition, reversal of a disease occurs when one can go off medication and not stick to a predefined lifestyle in order to keep it at bay. Ask any diabetic if that is the case, and most probably they will say ‘no’. However, do give them some credit if they managed to get their blood sugar levels down by way of medication and a change in lifestyle. This deserves to be lauded.

Imagine if a medical professional told a patient that he or she has successfully reversed their diabetes. What if this gives the patient an impression that they can go home and return back to the lifestyle of not taking medications, not watching what they eat, being an inactive couch potato, gorging on sweet food, and not going back to their doctor to check on it? Wouldn’t that be disastrous?

So what is the best way to acknowledge someone who has kept their diabetes in check due to the personal lifestyle choices and actions? According to diabetes expert David Mendosa, the term “remission” is accurate, as he defines it as “abatement or disappearance of the signs and symptoms of disease.”

So if you do have diabetes, don’t ever think about reversing it. It’s not my role to give you false hope. But do think of putting it into remission. In fact, set that as a goal! And of course, two of the ways to do this would be to clean up your diet and to start an exercise program. You can move forward with this by getting the Granite Fitness Solution or the Granite Fitness Masterclass.

I wish you success in managing your diabetes.


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