A List Of Tips For Increasing Wellness In The Worksite

Think about how much time you spend at work. If you live in the western world, chances are that if you are employed full-time, you’re working a forty-hour work week for most of the year. If you are employed part-time, you probably also spend a significant amount of time at work.

It therefore stands to reason that it is worth thinking about how to improve things in your work site that can help you maintain good health. Unsurprisingly, some of these are very similar to things you can do at home that can improve your health. Let’s not overlook them anymore and deal with them.

This list of tips targeted at bosses and managers in white-collar jobs i.e. office work, but it does not preclude you from adapting these to other alternative work sites. And if you are an employee like the majority of us, myself included, you can suggest some of these to the upper management. After all, a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. No one can argue with that one.

One: Stress Management

  • Have relaxing music in the background
  • Encourage meal breaks away from the desk
  • Get involved with community volunteering, including taking a pet from a shelter for a walk, or mentoring a child
  • Email out daily quotes with motivational/inspirational messages
  • Encourage a culture of being positive and self-confident
  • Have a fun activity session once in a while, such as a drawing session
  • Read stress-reduction related articles on the Granite Fitness Blog


Section Two: Nutrition

  • Work with the vending machine company, such as including healthy foods and using commissions to fund health projects
  • Teach your employees proper nutrition, or simply get copies of the Strategic Nutrition Guide, which will do all the work for you
  • Use funds to purchase fruits and encourage employees to have them as snacks
  • Encourage the local cafeteria to sell more healthy food, such as fruits
  • Ensure that the prices for healthy food are reasonable. Salads particularly should be affordable and cost a lot less than fried chicken
  • At the chagrin of the cafeteria, encourage staff members to bring their own healthy food into the office
  • Encourage eating green vegetables on St. Patrick’s Day, as opposed to binge-drinking. This might annoy some people though.

Section Three: Exercise And Physical Activity

  • Hold “walking meetings” if the issues discussed are not formal. If the weather and good and you can do it outdoors, even better
  • Group walks during lunch break can do wonders. This suggestion is, in fact, very similar to the one above
  • Encourage staff members to participate in community walks. This can also be used as a method to raise funds
  • Have scheduled walking/jogging time throughout the week
  • Make the stairwells beautiful and colourful so that people will want to use them
  • Incentivise parking at a distance, as well as employees who cycle or walk to work
  • Enrol employees in a corporate wellness exercise program. The Granite Fitness Solution can be purchased and the program used at a corporate level.
  • Get shoe specialists to come over to check that employees have been wearing suitable sneakers
  • Have a “games day” with events such as mixed soccer. Not only does it encourage camaraderie within department mates, it also fun
  • Sign the staff up to the Granite Fitness Blog subscription service. It is free and very useful for health-related issues

Section Four: Smoking Cessation

  • Have meeting rooms and buildings smoke-free. In fact, have designated smoking points that are far way
  • Show employees how much money they can save by quitting smoking. After all, it does add up in the long-run
  • Provide sugar-free gum or mints for smokers to suck on instead
  • Encourage employees to enrol in smoking cessation programs. The ones recommended by Granite Fitness have a great reputation and a high success rate. Check out this one.

What do you think of these ideas? Pretty good aren’t they? One final point to be made about corporate wellness: Granite Fitness will provide a discount for bulk purchases of resistance bands, which are really good for stretching and strength training. Get someone trained in how to use that and bam, you’ve got an effective corporate wellness exercise program in place! Don’t hesitate – do it today! Click below to find out more:


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