Don’t Believe In The Hype Of Doing A “Detox”

Most of us have heard of detoxing before, particularly if we have been following fitness trends for a while. The basic narrative is this – you overindulged on bad foods, the toxins build up in your system, it causes you to be bloated and fatigued, and now you have to get rid of the toxins to fix it all up. Pretty straightforward narrative, isn’t it?

Then you go on the internet and find articles on detoxing, with many people swearing by it. Some marketers have also specified plans which they sell, which also help with detoxing your wallet because, after all, you do have too much cash, don’t you? But really, do you need to detox? And why do people swear by it? What’s really going on here?

To people who follow holistic medicine and healing systems, the benefits of detox are undeniable. However, to the scientifically oriented among us, it is normal to be sceptical. Fortunately some experts can weigh in on this, and base their explanations with science. According to nutritionist Melanie McGrice, the detox programmes often do not give enough credit to our hard working kidneys, which are capable of performing a detox without external intervention. Another expert, Professor Crowe, says that other parts of our body can also perform such functions

That means that your body will naturally get rid of the so-called “toxins” over a short period of time. That’s what the kidneys are there for. Professor Crowe, says that a “health kick” can work just as well. This means eating in the same way minus the alcohol, coffee and junk food. There is some overlap with “detoxing” there, without the starvation bit of course. With regards to detox, Professor Crowe challenges those programs to name the toxins they are claiming to remove.


Both health experts have also said that “detox” programmes can be more harm than good. You see, eliminating whole groups of food from one’s diet will result in lethargy and malnourishment. That is why a frequent complaint of those going through detox will say that they have headaches. Of course, the programme administrators would explain it away, claiming that it is just a part of the process of your body adjusting to the removal of toxins. ‘

What about the good feeling one gets as they are going through the first few days of a detox? Scientifically, this is not because of toxin removal, but by the change of metabolic processes whereby one’s body is turning to fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. How about the weight loss? Sorry to break this to you, but it is mostly due to loss of fluids and carbohydrate stores. Once you finish your detox, it will return.

So in essence, detoxing is meant for people who are gullible, unable to question the mechanisms, or simply too lazy to do things the traditional way with a long-term vision in mind. In fact over time, the same people will try one fad after another with no long-term results. Harsh but true. Why do you think detox programs have existed for a long time? Why do their clients keep on becoming repeat customers and detox their wallets too?

When it comes to long-term health, the traditional hard slog of having a good psychology, a sound nutritional plan and exercise is worth it and is infinitely more effective, especially because it’s a lifestyle change. One such program which does not promise results without effort is the Granite Fitness Masterclass, which incorporates all of them. It does require work, but the program will guide you through it. Anyone who is serious about long-term health should consider getting it.


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