Five Myths About Fitness And Exercise Debunked!

Who loves mythbusters? We know we do – that’s why we have devoted this post to debunking some myths about our favourite topic – exercise and fitness. Of course, right off the bat I’ll have to say that the best thing you can do, from our heavily biased standpoint, is to get the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint, which expands on everything. Ok, shameless plug over. Here are the five myths we would like to debunk today:

One: Sport Is Only For The Fit

Really? Now, I might be able to understand where you’re coming from. When I first stepped into the gym, it looked as though everyone there is already in peak physical condition. But later I realised I was being selective in my vision, and my own insecurities have clouded my perception. Let’s look at the fact that fit people may not be inherently blessed with superior genetics.

The idea that sport is only for professionals applies only in the case of performance sports. Even so, the attributes required to perform at such a level i.e. speed and skills also need to be developed. If you, as a regular exerciser, is not into becoming a professional, you can use your sport of choice to get you in good shape.

Two: Exercise Drains You Of Your Energy

Now, caveat alert – this is a half-truth in itself. The fact is that while training will consume a lot of energy, a good training plan will make sure you are not drained to the point of exhaustion. The reason why newbies feel the full effects of it is because their bodies are not used to it yet. Once your body gets used to the regiment, it won’t be that taxing.

Three: Exercise Is Too Time-Consuming

If you are a professional in your sport, you can spend a lot of your time training – that is what you’re there for. However, for most regular people, you do not actually need to put in that same amount of slavish devotion. You have to be able to plan it well, and this won’t be an issue. And quit the excuses – if you have time to Netflix or spend vast amounts of time on a hobby or interest, you have enough time for exercising.

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Four: All Exercises Are Equal

Okay, while we have been gentle with most of the aforementioned points, this one is the harshest – which is that not all exercise is created equal. You might have heard of aerobic and anaerobic exercises before – with the former being lower intensity long duration exercises while the latter referring to intense bursts of high intensity exercises.

Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises have their role in overall fitness. In fact, we would recommend a combination of both. Still not convinced that each has a different role? Look at professional athletes of marathon running, sprinting, swimming, javelin etc etc. They have different figures, don’t they? There we go. Nevertheless, any exercise is better than no exercise – and we stand by that!

Five: Older People Can’t Exercise

Convenient if you are using this as an excuse, but please don’t. While it is true that your body systems don’t function as well as you age, it does not mean that you can’t exercise at all. In fact, if you commit to exercising at a younger age, you are preparing your body to be more resilient to the effects of father time. You may need to lower your intensity somewhat, but you should still exercise!

So there we have it – five myths debunked. Don’t forget to share it with your friends if this is relevant to them. And if it is relevant to you, do go ahead and start quenching those excuses! And don’t forget to be educated by grabbing a copy of the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint today! It’ll do you a world of good. And check out the following too:



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