Five Things You Can Do About Snoring

Are you a light sleeper? If you are, like me, then someone else’s snoring will obviously annoy you. That being said, I’m guilty of being a snorer before, at least in the past. Snoring, when loud has been described as a bear growling a cave. Not quite a compliment by any measure. This article provides a few tips, but is no means comprehensive. Just give them a shot first anyway. No harm, right?

One: Get In Shape

This shouldn’t surprise you, as this is a fitness blog. I’m not fat-shaming either, but rather looking at what the facts are. Scientifically, carrying excess weight, especially in the chest and neck area, puts added stress and pressure on the breathing passages. The result – a higher likelihood of snoring. Don’t know where to start? How about getting the Lifelong Fitness Blueprint?

Two: Examine Your Diet

No surprises here either. While this can be tied in to the first point, it also stands alone. Studies have shown that some people’s bodies aren’t able to tolerate certain foods which affects your breathing, especially when lying on your back. Two common offenders are alcohol and dairy. Why? Because it causes your passages to be blocked by mucus. Need to “clean up” your diet? Get a copy of the Strategic Nutrition Guide.

Three: Nasal Strips

We now move into unconventional territory. Not many of us know what nasal strips are. Briefly, these are tools used to open your nasal and air passages. The result of this is that blockages are now cleared, so you can see how it prevents excessive snoring, right? Athletes use this quite commonly. However, the cost will add up over time.

Four: Adjust Your Sleeping Position

Snoring is caused by air being forced through passages in a way that can be explained by physics. When you sleep on your side or front, the mechanics of breathing changes and therefore you snore less. Conversely, sleeping on your back is not favourable. I know that it’s hard to effect this change straightaway, but you can always try.

Five: Detailed And Specific Exercises

This is one I’ve heard of quite a lot, but can’t exactly testify to, since I have no firsthand experience. Apparently there are exercises for your throat, tongue, and other breathing exercises that can help you with it. You’ll have to do your own research on this one.

So there we have it. Hopefully these five tips have helped you out. As usual, here are some links for you to check out:

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