Grill Healthy Meals The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Who loves a grilling? Not in the sense of what your boss or a person of authority would do to you after you make a boo-boo, but an actual outdoor BBQ grill. Even as a person who doesn’t eat meat, I always love the atmosphere of a nice outdoor BBQ. Today we have a nice short article by regular contributor Zack Spring from Travel Fit, which I’m sure you will enjoy. Here goes:


Backyard grilling is one of the finer pleasures in life.  There is nothing like treating your family to refreshing grilled veggies on sultry summer evenings, or meaty kabobs for a wintertime treat.  Follow these pointers to make the most of your grilling adventures throughout the seasons.   

Gather Around The Grill

Did you know sitting down to a meal together isn’t just fun, it’s good for you and your children?  In fact, according to studies cited by The Atlantic, children who eat with their parents are less likely to abuse substances, less inclined to be truant from school, and are more likely to maintain a healthy weight.  Backyard grilling is a great opportunity to pull your family together for meals, and it’ll be good for you and the kids. 

But My Kids Don’t Like “[fill in the blank]”  

Many parents struggle with kids who are picky eaters.  However, it’s important not to give in to making separate meals for your children, since that encourages them to steer clear of different or unfamiliar foods.  One suggestion is to serve meals family-style.  Let your children select which foods they want to try, and make sure adults model good behavior by eating a little of everything. 


For instance, kids often question vegetables.  Think about presenting foods as fun!  Choose healthy and enticing side and main dish recipes that are perfect for the whole family such as grilled peach and arugula salad, which is a tasty blend of sweet and savory.  Carrot fries are another great choice, offering kids a healthy option in a familiar and fun “French fry” shape.  Your kids will be clamoring for your next grill date.

Smart-grilling Practices

Grilling is an especially healthy choice when it’s handled properly.  Some researchers report that well-done or charred meat is linked with cancer.  The risk is higher when grilling fattier meats, since as the fat drips off it can cause flames, burning the meat.  The high heat creates carcinogens in the food.  If you do opt for meat, select leaner cuts and cook at lower temperatures for healthier meals and cook meats for shorter periods.  And when it comes to healthy grilling, some professionals point out you can’t go wrong with veggies, so it makes sense to include various vegetables and lots of them in your meals. Make sure you’re grilling safely as well. Read over the manufacturer’s instructions before getting started and be sure to check the gas line hose for any holes or cracks.

Pump Up Flavor

Great news for fellow foodies: Marinating meat can bump it up to a healthier level, as something about marinades appears to act as a barrier against carcinogens.  For optimal health benefits, Bon Appétit recommends the following special ingredients in marinades:

Rosemary.  Rosemary appears to cut some carcinogens as much as 90 percent.

Garlic and onion.  Add some lemon and oil, and classic garlic and onion appear to prevent carcinogens from forming when you grill meat, even in fatty hamburgers. 

Teriyaki.  Even just one hour in a teriyaki marinade appears to lower carcinogens. 

Handle With Care

Nothing spoils a family meal faster than food poisoning!  Avoid making you and your kids sick with safe, food-handling practices.  Taste of Home suggests that you keep your hot foods hot and cold foods cold.  Wrap foods in separate containers and use separate utensils and platters, as well as color-coded cutting boards to avoid contamination.  Also, make sure you clean your grill properly between events.  Even if you fire it to high temperatures, you can’t be sure you’ve killed off harmful bacteria without cleaning carefully. 

Eating together as a family can be healthful in many ways.  Choose great recipes and prepare food properly to make sure you get the most of your meals.  For year-round healthy eating you and the kids will love, fire up your grill! 

Once again, many to Zack for that wonderful article. Enjoy your BBQ and check out his site – Travel Fit . Meanwhile, have a good one and take some time to explore the following fitness-related digital products too:


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