Keep Weight Loss Simple And Don’t Fall For Multi-Level-Marketers – A Rant

Hi everyone. Today’s blog post is a bit of a rant, a bit of education and a bit of encouragement, all rolled into one. You might think it’s impossible, but watch me attempt it anyway. After all, I have done things against the odds before and succeeded against the prediction of others. Let me first put things into context, so that you understand my rant.

You know, one of the first things to happen after deciding to become a fitness motivator is that you get asked about your weight loss success. While I am a bit shy on that front, I generally obliged if I felt that it would encouraged others. Another thing that happens is that people start asking you for free weight loss tips. Once again, I oblige, because I genuinely want others to become fitter. Some people do it for the money. I do it for the passion.

Then come the people who would give me a lecture about weight loss – which is a bit ironic considering that most of them are big-sized themselves. I can let that slide too, because I can see the humour in that. There are also others who respond with all kinds of negativity, but I ignore those too, lest I become one of those.

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However, as the business’ reputation and following increased, and as the positive testimonials come rolling in, it was inevitable that the business would gain attention from all kinds of people – those who want to lose weight (obviously), people in the marketing industry, those in the fitness industry, and other miscellaneous people out there. This includes the one group of people that I do not wish to attract the attention of – network or multi-level marketers!

So yes, several network marketers have contacted me and my business partner over the past month or so. They realise that I have a following. They realise that those using our system are succeeding in their weight loss efforts. They realise that they could leverage our marketing skills as part of their downline if we join them, and our efforts can fill their pockets with passive income.

I think you know what I’m referring to – those big companies in the nutrition industry who operate under such a model. One such company name starts with “H”, another with “B”, and yet another with “N”. Back to the story – they started pestering my business partner and myself with countless phone calls and emails, trying to convince us to promote their product. Then came the next step – the lectures.

While on the phone, they would try to persuade us that their product works. A common tactic is to explain to us “scientifically” how their pill works. Oh, it causes this hormone to affect that hormone, blah blah blah practically forces the fat out of the cells resulting in weight loss. And guess what? The person on the other end of the line is probably not in good shape either. I bet their T-shirt says “UFC” but their physique screams “KFC”.


People! Think about it logically for a moment! Weight loss is a complex topic because your body works as a system and there are many factors involved! Even if a few studies show that some drug might force fat cells to shrink, it does not mean that that is the end of the story and the whole thing works! If it was that direct, why don’t you take on my best suggestion…..

This is going to be so innovative and ground-breaking that you will hate yourself for not figuring it out sooner. Here goes – Granite Fitness’ number one suggestion: take a blowtorch, light it up and simply torch your problem fat areas! Science has shown that high temperatures can and will melt fat! So why not try it? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing, right? It’s scientifically proven, isn’t it? Can’t argue with science!

Now get what I mean? Do you understand the insanity of it all? Okay then, what I honestly suggest is this – if you want to lose weight, start off with a simple formula and a proven system, which is the trifecta of psychology, diet and exercise. It will take time, it will take some effort on your part, but it is the most foolproof way of doing it. Master especially the psychology component of it, because once you can apply that into a lifestyle change, you won’t ever rebound after you succeed. Make sense?

You will have to learn more information about weight loss, but you must learn them in bite-sized chunks. If you had a smart seven year old child who is at the top academic position in his class, will you make him apply for medical school immediately? No! Bright as he might be, it would still require a few more years of education, right? The same logic applies here!


So now I have covered the rant and education component – now for the encouragement. I encourage you to find a system that keeps it simple to begin with, but then builds on your knowledge to equip you for long term success. Of course I am going to promote my own product – the Granite Fitness Solution. Of course, you saw this coming from miles away and I’m well aware of that. Seriously though, our approach is really as described above. You can check it out for yourself and see if it resonates with you.

But no pressure though… I only want to sell to people who are willing to put in the effort. You see, I’m running a business here, not some quick cash run operation. If I sucker lazy people into buying it, what do you think will happen? They will not put in the effort, will not lose the weight, and all of a sudden it’s my fault and the bad reviews pile in. I’d rather avoid that by selling only to the ‘A’ team – no excuses, no shortcuts, and real results! If that is you, welcome on board. Otherwise, please join your “H”, “B” and “N” clubs instead.

Here’s one more “sucker-punch” jibe at the network marketing realm, just for your amusement and education. You will notice that a lot of them will focus on finding people to join them and sell, rather than selling the product themselves. This is actually how their financial pyramid works – think about it. They are all profiteering off their “downlines”. And the way to recognise if someone is part of this network-marketing cult is whether their life seems to revolve around their multi-level-marketing business!

To be honest with you, Granite Fitness does promote and recommend other fitness products. Why is this the case? It is because we believe that if you personally resonate with one or more of those products, they can complement the Granite Fitness system perfectly and lead you to better health! We want the best for you, and realise that sometimes it takes more than one system to get that going. How’s that for honesty, eh?

Anyways, I hope that you have learnt something from this post. Check out the Granite Fitness Solution below. But do your due diligence and know what our philosophy is before committing to a purchase that will change your life forever, okay?


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