Planning Your Strategy To Quit Smoking

If you were a smoker or know someone who was, you would know that quitting is difficult. This does not come as a surprise to anybody. While our editorial team do not have that kind of firsthand experience, we have come across some articles that are chock-full of advice on this topic. And so we would like to share some of our newfound wisdom with you.

For some people, setting up a rewards program absolutely works. Smokers who do the math can realise how much cigarettes cost. If the amount is huge, which it typically is, you can then think about where these saved funds can go instead. Isn’t that a great motivator in itself? That being said, finances shouldn’t be the only motivator.


The next thing one should do is be aware of what can go wrong. For example, many smokers discover that they start gaining weight as soon as they start quitting smoking – because they can actually taste food again! Of course, this will come as a shock to those who are clueless about it. Combat this by ensuring you increase your level of exercise. Better yet – use the time for smoking to exercise. How’s that for an idea?

Another thing to keep in mind is the health consequences. Think about how smoking will affect your health in the long-term. Sure, we have all heard of the 100-year-old smokers that do exist. However, we know that they tend to be the exception rather than the norm. For most people, health will start to deteriorate with chronic smoking habits.

Speaking of reasons, they have to be personal and tailored to your own interests. If you are simply following someone else’s reasons, you would be unlikely to be motivated for long enough for you to succeed. You have to be honest about this! Reasons that are obvious to you will boost your chances for success greatly!


Once you have made the choice and made a plan, the hard work begins. One recommended approach is to avoid places and situations where you will be tempted to smoke.  This means avoid the smoking areas of restaurants and bars. If you know of a close friend who also wants to quit, that’s even better because you can do it together.

A final tip is for you to get rid of the cigarettes in your home. Out of sight equals out of mind. I often apply this to my own life – not for cigarettes, but for junk food. I try to keep as little junk food as I can at home, or I try to clear them out as much as I can. I hope that this article has been helpful. Check out the resources below if you need a hand with a much more detailed approach. All the best!

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