Some Thoughts on Enjoying Eating

You know what? I know too many people, myself included, who enjoy eating. I bet you do too. Today we have a guest post from someone who wants to give us a bit of a different perspective on it. I hope you find this meaningful.

“I’d like to start today by asking everyone who enjoys eating to raise his/her hand. That’s it? Come on, I know more of you love eating than that. Don’t be shy. If you love stuffing your face with sweets and junk food until you look like a squirrel hording food for the winter, throw your hand up.

If you live for all-you-can-eat rib night at Billy’s Arcade & BBQ, throw your hand up. If your midnight snack lasts 2 hours and includes more than one course, put your hand in the air and wave it like you just don’t care. I’m not here to judge anyone today, I just want to know where my food lovers are.


That’s much better! I’m seeing a lot more hands in the air now. There’s still a gentleman in the rear who, judging from his bodily proportions, looks to be a regular at the Shoney’s All Day-Everyday Buffet whose hand is not up, but if he doesn’t feel comfortable participating then he doesn’t have too. Or maybe he’s just to full to move. Whatever the case I’m glad most of you decided to play along. You may now put your hands down.

We have established that almost everyone here today loves eating. This is no big surprise. Since our bodies need nourishment to continue functioning, logically the best way to keep us eating is make the process enjoyable. Whether you believe a Supreme Being made us this way or you believe we evolved this way over time is a matter of personal opinion. I am not about to get involved in that discussion.

I didn’t bring my riot gear with me today, and quite frankly, I tend to giggle uncontrollably every time someone arguing for evolution uses the term ‘Homo Erectus’. So we’ll just agree that eating is necessary and enjoyable. A win-win situation. At least for those of usfortunate enough to have access to appropriate amounts of food on a daily basis.

We don’t always like to think about it but people starve to death everyday. Millions of people the world over are hungry and don’t know if they will ever eat again. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in. There are people who don’t know if they will eat another morsel of food-EVER. Whole families with nothing to eat, lying around waiting to die. Many of them wanting to die because of the intensity of the hunger pains.


Any of us who have ever went half a day without eating know how miserable it feels to be hungry. Now imagine going days-even weeks-without eating. Or worse imagine watching your children writhe around in pain from hunger. Imagine the powerlessness these parents must feel. It’s truly a horrible thought and an even more horrible reality.

Any of us fortunate enough to be born in a land where food is plentiful and readily available have an obligation to help our hungry fellowman. This doesn’t always take money. A simple prayer at night for all the world’s hungry costs nothing and can work wonders. The Internet is home to countless websites that allow you to donate food simply by visiting other websites or clicking on banners.

Volunteering for local charities that help feed the hungry in your own area is a great way to help out and get some self-fulfillment. If you do have a little money to spare there are numerous charities that you can donate to that are not scams and really do help feed the world’s hungry. Whatever the method you decide to use remember that the starving citizens of our planet appreciate your sacrifice. Your time or money may make the difference in their or their children’s life. So please join the fight against hunger. You can make a difference.”


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