Consider This About Weight Loss Pills

Okay, so here at Granite Fitness, we haven’t really talked about weight loss powders and pills, since our focus is on a healthy lifestyle instead. In fact, when our first product came out, we promoted ourselves as an alternative to all of that. That being said, we’ve never taken the hardline position that all pills and powders are bad.

There are many ways to skin a cat, so to speak, and we have always focused on our own recommended approach. That being said, today we’re going to be as objective as possible and explore some issues as well as some benefits of these. First, let’s begin with a discussion on the use of it – it’s a bit of a rant, but it does makes sense.

You may be surprised to know, or maybe not, that sometimes people who we perceive as being fit and attractive are users of weight loss pills. Yes, that’s right – the media has permeated the popular consciousness to the point that everyone believes they need to lose weight. Even in countries which traditionally associate weight with wealth as a positive thing – things are changing.

Here’s another pearl of truth – we live in a consumerist society obsessed with instant gratification. As such, many people do not have the patience or dedication to stick to a long-term diet plan. Here at Granite Fitness, we stick to our philosophy that one should think about it in the long-term, but the society might make it hard.

Then there is the issue of willpower. Some people allow themselves to succumb to the temptation of that chocolate cake from the cake shop down the street. Cue the weight loss pills. The most common thought pattern is that this is an easy solution – pop a pill and change nothing else. Simple enough, isn’t it?

Now, to be fair, the main benefit of using weight loss pills is their ease of use. As mentioned before, you pop the pill and generally forget about anything else related to weight loss. And of course, in order to meet the requirements of the national accreditation body, administrators of pills will always say that it is better to combine their use with things like exercise and a proper diet – as if people will take this to heart.

The scary thing is that in some countries, such bodies may not exist, or if they did, might be riddled with issues like corruption which makes it easy for companies to get away with things. That being said, in the western world, most weight loss medications are effective in what they do. But of course, those manufactured in other countries might not, which is where the danger lies!

Now back to the positives. How do these pills actually work. The most common approach is to suppress the appetite in order to reduce the amount of  food eaten. Others might work by increasing the metabolic rate in order to “burn through” food nutrients faster and more efficiently. Even without a proper diet plan or regular exercise, both functions can help achieve weight reduction with minimal effort on the part of the person. This part is true.

The consequences, which I’m afraid we have to harp on once again, is that the readiness and availability of these pills mean that they can be abused. As weird as our psychology is, some of us will believe that we can eat even more food since the pill will compensate for the increased intake. Do you see how it can become a problem?

Here’s another – the potential addiction factor. This could be both physical and psychological, but of course the latter is more common. Let’s say someone has used it effectively to the point that they no longer need to lose weight. What next? They keep on consuming it because of habit. Depending on the pill in question, this might take a toll on one’s innards. Scary but true.

All this being said, here at Granite Fitness, we still believe in the traditional way of playing the long game, and our philosophy rests on three elements – psychology, nutrition and exercise. Keep reading this blog or look up our old posts and you will start understanding why we hold this position. And also, please check out our products – the Granite Fitness Solution, or our books the Winning Psychology Manual, Strategic Nutrition Guide and Lifelong Fitness Blueprint. And do check out the resources below too!


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