The Granite Fitness Blog is an International grassroots community of people who are interested in weight loss, getting fit, staying in shape, and enjoying the health benefits and quality of life that come with it. We believe this is done by community education and sharing relevant articles that take a reasonable approach with long-term solutions in mind. We believe in motivating and inspiring people rather than fat-shaming to get them to where they want to be in terms of physical health.

We, at Granite Fitness, are a grassroots-based social entrepreneurship that helps regular people lose weight and get in shape by having a strong mindset, a sound dietary plan and a solid exercise routine. No fads, no shortcuts and no-nonsense! We specialise in fitness solutions that are grounded in education and are effective for long-term weight management. These are our core values (In a cheesy attempt to make it “fit”, it spells GRANITE).

If, after reading this, you feel that your viewpoint resonates with ours, you know you have come to the right place. We welcome you to check out our products and join our family! If you feel that it does not resonate with you, then we wish you all the best in finding your path.

G – Grassroots. Granite Fitness believes that change must come from the grassroots. Although we are not a political movement, our desire to bring good health to everyone must start at the individual level. Think about it, which inspires you more? A public figure blindly endorsing a product without knowing anything about it, or seeing your friends and family becoming healthy and listening to them motivate you?

R – Respect. We value respect and integrity a lot. This means a few things. One: we will not give or sell your email addresses to other companies and corporations. Two: If we feel that an external product can be useful for our members, we will share that resource with our membership. If we are not convinced that it might be useful, we will not! Three: We do not just practice tolerance, we practice acceptance. That means that we do not believe in what is, in modern day, known as “fat shaming”. Our emphasis is on health, and anyone who has that goal is welcome. Besides, the journey to optimum health has to start somewhere.

A – Attitude. We believe that the journey to great health has its ups and downs. There will be moments of discouragement, both from personal frustration, and unintentional (or intentional) sabotage by even the most well-meaning loved ones. One’s attitude, self-belief and determination are the values that keep an individual on track for his/her fitness goals.

N – Nutrition. Although the majority of our site has an emphasis on the “physical activity” element of overall health, we acknowledge that nutrition is a major part of one’s overall fitness plans. A consistently poor diet, unfortunately, has the potential to override the health benefits gained by undertaking some physical activity.

I – Inspiration. We believe that the power of the mind is very powerful, and must be harnessed in order for an individual to reach his or her personal goal. We acknowledge that many of our customers had previously attempted other diet or fitness programs that, at best, might have worked in the short term, and at worst, been just a mindless fad.

T – Time. A lot of people start the fitness journey with unrealistic expectations regarding the time the entire process will take. How many other diets or fitness programs have you seen that promises a certain amount of weight loss in a short period of time? Do many people who have tried those still remain in good physical shape?

E – Education. This is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We believe that without education, all the fitness tools provided to an individual will amount to nothing in the long-term. Fitness is about gaining knowledge and applying it to one’s life. This is called wisdom. Without having adequate knowledge, one is not fully empowered to make the right choices.

We hope you agree with our core values. Granite rocks! (Pardon the cheesy pun).