Mi Goreng – The College Staple Superfood!


What is an Australian college student’s favourite food? Mi-Goreng of course! Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating here. But if you went to college in Australia in the past two decades or so, you will think back with nostalgia about this specific cuisine, if you can call it that. Not only is it more affordable than almost any other type of food, it also offers numerous health benefits, some of which we will be covering today.

And by the way, this is not an original article from me. I took it from the nice guys at the “your friend’s house” website, which wrote a good short article on it here. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind though, as we know that university assignments are riddled with plagiarism anyway.

Firstly, Mi Goreng helps you to reduce stress. How? By providing you a meal after a short and easy process of boiling water and adding condiments. Bam, done! No more hunger, no more starvation. Compare that to preparing a “proper meal”, laden with multiple ingredients and processes. Furthermore, how difficult would it be to mess up cooking Mi Goreng? Makes sense?

Secondly, it results in weight loss. You see, increased consumption of Mi Goreng results in increased blood pressure and heart rate. This raises your metabolism and raises the capacity to burn fat, resulting in weight loss. Tada! Okay, seriously, this is just twisted logic, humorous as it might be.

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Thirdly, it helps you get great gains, so all you bodybuilders out there better rejoice. Each pack of Mi Goreng would have more than 5, and almost 10 grams of protein! So if you eat enough of it you can gain mass and have that thick sculpted beefcake look. Forget the expensive protein supplements and slurp up the noodles loudly and inconsiderately at the gym. Beefcake!

Fourthly, it helps raise your self-esteem and body image. I mean, if you are already eating Mi Goreng, chances are that you probably don’t care what others think about you. If you do, you’ll slowly learn not to. So in a sense it acts as a form of self-fulfilling prophecy. But so what? It works, right?

Lastly, and here’s a bonus one for you: it helps you weed out the “judgemental dross” from amongst your list of potential life partners. If they can’t accept your lifestyle choice of being frugal, do you think they would stay with you when times get tough in future? Heck no. You’re not a loser for living on Mi Goreng. They are the loser for being too stuck-up to accept simple meals!

Alright, I hope you enjoyed this satirical article. Jokes aside, Mi Goreng is not all evil. It can still be worked into an eating plan, but of course in moderation. Personally, I always keep a stash of low fat instant noodles on my shelf. And I consume it about once or twice a week on average, but I don’t put any oil and only half the icky powder thingy provided.

Happy eating!


Balance these with your Mi Goreng Intake:


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